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40ants/cl-github A thin wrapper around GitHub API. Supports rate limiting and pagination.
40ants/openrpc OpenRPC implementation for Common Lisp
adolenc/cl-messagepack-rpc A Common Lisp implementation of the MessagePack-RPC specification
antifuchs/cxml-rpc XML-RPC for Common Lisp
copyleft/cl-odata-client Common Lisp client library for accessing OData services
fjames86/frpc Common Lisp ONC-RPC implementation
fukamachi/apispec A Common Lisp library for handling Web API requests and responses.
fukamachi/jsonrpc JSON-RPC 2.0 server/client for Common Lisp.
kilianmh/openapi-generator OpenAPI-generator is an api client system generator.
mmontone/cl-rest-server Serve REST APIs from Common Lisp
qitab/grpc gRPC implementation for Common Lisp
z3t0/sprint-stars Display the stars of a GitHub User