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cffi-posix/cffi-dirent Common Lisp wrappers for dirent.h
cffi-posix/cffi-epoll Common Lisp wrapper for Linux epoll syscall.
cffi-posix/cffi-errno Common Lisp wrapper for Unix error codes.
cffi-posix/cffi-fcntl Common Lisp wrapper for fcntl.h
cffi-posix/cffi-kqueue CFFI bindings for kqueue
cffi-posix/cffi-pledge Common Lisp wrapper for pledge syscall on OpenBSD
cffi-posix/cffi-socket Common Lisp wrapper for BSD sockets.
cffi-posix/cffi-stat Common Lisp wrapper for stat.h
cffi-posix/cffi-unistd Common Lisp wrapper for unistd.h
egao1980/tesseract-capi Low level Tesseract C API wrapper for versions 3.05.02, 4.1.1 and 5.0.0
hu-dwim/hu.dwim.sdl Common Lisp FFI for (SDL2), using cffi/c2ffi.
hu-dwim/hu.dwim.zlib Common Lisp FFI for, using cffi/c2ffi.
k-stz/cl-ptrace live process hacking - lisp bindings to ptrace()
lispnik/cd This is PRE-ALPHA, move along.
lispnik/im Lisp CFFI bindings for IM, a toolkit for image representation, storage, capture and processing.
lispnik/iup Common Lisp CFFI bindings to the IUP Portable User Interface library (pre-ALPHA)