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DalekBaldwin/macrodynamics Look at your macros in a whole new scope.
Hexstream/bubble-operator-upwards A function that "bubbles an operator upwards" in a form, demultiplexing all alternative branches by way of cartesian product. This operation is notably useful for easy implementation of certain kinds of shorthand notations in macros. A cartesian-product function is also exported, as it's needed to implement the main function.
Hexstream/parse-number-range Parses LOOP's convenient "for-as-arithmetic" syntax into 5 simple values: from, to, limit-kind (:inclusive, :exclusive or nil if unbounded), by (step) and direction (+ or -)). Further related utilities are provided. Intended for easy implementation of analogous functionality in other constructs.
thephoeron/let-over-lambda Doug Hoyte's "Production" version of macros from Let Over Lambda, ready for ASDF and Quicklisp.
williamyaoh/named-read-macros Make read macros more Lispy. Attach read macros to symbols.