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cl-stream/parser-stream Parser stream class for cl-stream.
diasbruno/cl-bnf A simple BNF parser.
massung/parse Monadic parsing for Common Lisp
pyramidi0n/abnf-match A DSL for writing parsers of grammars expressed in IETF ABNF.
pyramidi0n/email-parse A fast, RFC-compliant email address validator and parser.
pyramidi0n/uri-parse A fast, RFC-compliant URI validator and parser.
scymtym/esrap Common Lisp packrat parser
shamazmazum/cue-parser Simple common lisp cue parser
thodg/css-parser CSS level 3 parser in Common Lisp.
xh4/web-toolkit Lisp Web Toolkit
Zulu-Inuoe/jzon A correct and safe JSON parser.