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40ants/reblocks A fork of Weblocks Common Lisp web framework
40ants/weblocks This fork was created to experiment with some refactorings. They are collected in branch "reblocks".
fukamachi/apispec A Common Lisp library for handling Web API requests and responses.
fukamachi/caveman Lightweight web application framework for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/utopian A web framework for Common Lisp never finished.
hemml/OMGlib A Common Lisp library to build fully dynamic web interfaces
jpcima/cl-why (X)HTML generation macros, fork of CL-WHO
mmontone/easy-routes Yet another routes handling utility on top of Hunchentoot
mmontone/hunchentoot-errors Augments Hunchentoot error pages and logs with request and session information.
pyramidi0n/abnf-match A DSL for writing parsers of grammars expressed in IETF ABNF.
pyramidi0n/email-parse A fast, RFC-compliant email address validator and parser.
pyramidi0n/uri-parse A fast, RFC-compliant URI validator and parser.
pyramidi0n/webform-validate A validation library for web form input.
Shirakumo/radiance A Common Lisp web application environment
xh4/web-toolkit Lisp Web Toolkit