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40ants/40ants-pg Utilities to simplify use of Postgresql in my Common Lisp projects
40ants/reblocks-ui2 Second version of UI toolkit for Reblocks – Common Lisp web-framework
ak-coram/cl-frugal-uuid Common Lisp UUID library with zero dependencies
atlas-engineer/nfiles User configuration and data file management
ChristopherBilg/cl-opensearch-query-builder Common Lisp implementation of a builder for the OpenSearch query DSL
Gleefre/loop-continue Extension to the CL:LOOP macro: CONTINUE, TAG, GO.
Gleefre/symbol-links This is a hack that enables symbol links (common lisp).
jfrancis42/ipcalc-lisp A Common Lisp library for manipulating and calculating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
kchanqvq/lwcells Light Weight Cells
resttime/cl-liballegro Common Lisp bindings and interface to the Allegro 5 game programming library
sbenitezb/sigslot Signals & Slots implementation in Common Lisp
seanfarley/lem Common Lisp editor/IDE with high expansibility
Shinmera/punycode A punycode implementation in Common Lisp
Shirakumo/trial Yet another Common Lisp game engine