Version 20190205022443

To install:
(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

or if you are using the Qlot, then add these lines into your qlfile :

dist ultralisp
ultralisp :all :latest

and run qlot update in the shell.

40ants/ceramic Attention! This is a fork.
40ants/cl-bitbar Utils to build BitBar plugins in CommonLisp
40ants/cldomain Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems.
40ants/cl-hamcrest This library makes your CL unittests more readable.
40ants/cl-info An utility which collects information about Common Lisp implementation and systems for bugreports
40ants/cl-link-header A library to parse content of the Link header
40ants/cl-telegram-bot Telegram Bot API for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-yandex-metrika A client library for
40ants/defmain A helper to simplify command line arguments usage in Common Lisp
40ants/gen-deps-system A command line utility to generate ASDF system to improve caching of Common Lisp application packaged into the Docker container.
40ants/html2text A Common Lisp utility which converts HTML into Markdown text
40ants/log4cl-json JSON appender for log4cl.
40ants/mailgun A thin wrapper to post HTML emails through
40ants/mito-email-auth Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email.
40ants/portable-ca-bundle A macro to restore Dexador's CA bundle when running LISP binary on a different machine
40ants/recompile This is a small helper to recompile given Common Lisp system, very useful if you wish to produce high quality software by demolution of all compiler's warnings.
40ants/weblocks This fork was created to experiment with some refactorings. They are collected in branch "reblocks".
40ants/weblocks-file-server A file browser for Weblocks web framework.
40ants/weblocks-lass A helper for Weblocks framework to define widget dependencies in LASS syntax.
40ants/weblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/weblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/weblocks-stores This fork is fixed to work with 40ants/weblocks
40ants/weblocks-ui A set of widget for Weblocks framework, to simplify UI elements creation. Based on Zurb's Foundation and jQuery.
40ants/weblocks-websocket Websocket support for Common Lisp framework weblocks.
fukamachi/clack Web server abstraction layer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/dexador A fast HTTP client for Common Lisp
fukamachi/lack Lack, the core of Clack
fukamachi/mito An ORM for Common Lisp with migrations, relationships and PostgreSQL support
fukamachi/prove Yet another unit testing framework for Common Lisp
fukamachi/qlot A project-local library installer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/quri Yet another URI library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/rove #1=(yet another . #1#) common lisp testing library
fukamachi/sxql An SQL generator for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/woo A fast non-blocking HTTP server on top of libev
svetlyak40wt/cl-pgpass Pgpass parses PostgreSQL's credential files and returns passwords for given host/port/user/dbname
ultralisp/quickdist Create a Quicklisp distribution from a directory of local projects.
vindarel/cl-readline Common Lisp bindings to the GNU Readline library
vindarel/cl-str Modern, simple and consistent Common Lisp string manipulation library.
vindarel/cl-torrents Web scraping the Pirate Bay, 1337x and more in Common Lisp - tutorial and binaries (issue tracker on -
vindarel/replic Build a terminal application in no time from an existing library.