Version 20190318191000

To install:
(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

or if you are using the Qlot, then add these lines into your qlfile :

dist ultralisp
ultralisp :all :latest

and run qlot update in the shell.

40ants/ceramic Attention! This is a fork.
40ants/cl-bitbar Utils to build BitBar plugins in CommonLisp
40ants/cldomain Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems.
40ants/cl-hamcrest This library makes your CL unittests more readable.
40ants/cl-info An utility which collects information about Common Lisp implementation and systems for bugreports
40ants/cl-link-header A library to parse content of the Link header
40ants/cl-prevalence In memory database system for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-project-with-docs Common Lisp project skeleton generator which uses Sphinx and reStructured text to render nice and readable HTML documentation.
40ants/cl-telegram-bot Telegram Bot API for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-yandex-metrika A client library for
40ants/defmain A helper to simplify command line arguments usage in Common Lisp
40ants/gen-deps-system A command line utility to generate ASDF system to improve caching of Common Lisp application packaged into the Docker container.
40ants/html2text A Common Lisp utility which converts HTML into Markdown text
40ants/log4cl-json JSON appender for log4cl.
40ants/mailgun A thin wrapper to post HTML emails through
40ants/mito-email-auth Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email.
40ants/portable-ca-bundle A macro to restore Dexador's CA bundle when running LISP binary on a different machine
40ants/recompile This is a small helper to recompile given Common Lisp system, very useful if you wish to produce high quality software by demolution of all compiler's warnings.
40ants/sly-package-inferred A better package inferred systems support for SLY
40ants/trivial-imap This is a thin wrapper over post-office library (which is a fork of Franz's cl-imap)
40ants/weblocks This fork was created to experiment with some refactorings. They are collected in branch "reblocks".
40ants/weblocks-file-server A file browser for Weblocks web framework.
40ants/weblocks-lass A helper for Weblocks framework to define widget dependencies in LASS syntax.
40ants/weblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/weblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/weblocks-stores This fork is fixed to work with 40ants/weblocks
40ants/weblocks-ui A set of widget for Weblocks framework, to simplify UI elements creation. Based on Zurb's Foundation and jQuery.
40ants/weblocks-websocket Websocket support for Common Lisp framework weblocks.
astine/unix-options Common Lisp library for processing command line options.
blindglobe/xarray A generalized interface for array-like objects with views
bluelisp/zip Library for .zip-file reading and writing, written in Common Lisp.
cbaggers/varjo Lisp to GLSL Language Translator
cbaggers/with-cached-reader-conditionals Call a function can return the result and also any features expressions that were read inside the funcall
cbaggers/with-setf Macros for setting a place for the duration of a scope
cldm/cl-semver Semantic Versions handling in Common Lisp
cmoore/cl-mango A minimalist CouchDB 2.x database client.
cmoore/twitch-websockets Handle websocket events for twitch channels.
CommonDoc/vertex A markup language with TeX syntax
commonlispbr/quicklisp-meta A Quicklisp meta distribution tool to track multiple distribution over world in a unique place
commonlispbr/quicksys A tool to install quicklisp systems from multiple distributions over world
commonlispbr/starwar A game written in Common Lisp, using lispbuilder-sdl
Dimercel/listopia This is no official port of Haskell package Data.List
elbeno/vector Simple 2D vector library.
fukamachi/clack Web server abstraction layer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/dexador A fast HTTP client for Common Lisp
fukamachi/lack Lack, the core of Clack
fukamachi/mito An ORM for Common Lisp with migrations, relationships and PostgreSQL support
fukamachi/prove Yet another unit testing framework for Common Lisp
fukamachi/qlot A project-local library installer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/quri Yet another URI library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/rove #1=(yet another . #1#) common lisp testing library
fukamachi/sxql An SQL generator for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/utopian A web framework for Common Lisp never finished.
fukamachi/websocket-driver WebSocket server/client implementation for Common Lisp
fukamachi/woo A fast non-blocking HTTP server on top of libev
gonzojive/xml-mop XML parsing "directly" into CLOS objects. Used by the Amazon ECS library.
handicraftsman/water An ES6-compatible class definition for ParenScript
hanshuebner/xhtmlgen XHTML generation macros, derivative of Franz Inc.'s net.htmlgen
hanshuebner/yason Common Lisp JSON serializer written with simplicity in mind
Hexstream/anaphoric-variants Gives access to anaphoric variants of operators through one macro: ANAPHORIC. The user explicitly provides a variable name, preserving sanity, in contrast to the traditional use of an evil implicit variable ("IT"). Some operators can bind additional handy variables when explicitly requested. (Formerly called "explicit-anaphora".)
Hexstream/bubble-operator-upwards A function that "bubbles an operator upwards" in a form, demultiplexing all alternative branches by way of cartesian product. This operation is notably useful for easy implementation of certain kinds of shorthand notations in macros. A cartesian-product function is also exported, as it's needed to implement the main function.
Hexstream/cartesian-product-switch A macro for choosing the appropriate form to execute according to the combined results of multiple tests. This is a straightforward and efficient alternative to the convoluted ad-hoc conditionals one might otherwise resort to.
Hexstream/clhs This installation helper makes it even easier to install a copy of the CLHS locally. (ql:quickload "clhs").
Hexstream/definitions-systems Provides a simple unified extensible way of processing named definitions.
Hexstream/enhanced-eval-when Provides an enhanced EVAL-WHEN macro that supports (eval-when t ...) as a shorthand for (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) ...), addressing concerns about verbosity. An ENHANCED-EVAL-WHEN alias is also supported, as well as an EVAL-ALWAYS macro and package nickname, for good measure.
Hexstream/enhanced-multiple-value-bind Provides an enhanced MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND macro that adds support for lambda keywords by expanding to a MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL when necessary. This makes catching multiple-value &rest and &key much more lightweight and convenient. A MULTIPLE-VALUE-&BIND alias is supported.
Hexstream/first-time-value Returns the result of evaluating a form in the current lexical and dynamic context the first time it's encountered, and the cached result of that computation on subsequent evaluations.
Hexstream/incognito-keywords Introduces a new kind of keyword that looks just like any non-keyword symbol and allows safe usage of convenient but clashy symbol names by multiple libraries without conflicts through sharing. Some names that might benefit are (alist blist plist macro operator index &doc &decl &rest+ &destructure &ignored &ignorable).
Hexstream/its Provides convenient access to multiple values of an object in a concise, explicit and efficient way.
Hexstream/macro-level MACRO-LEVEL is an embarrassingly trivial convenience macro that saves on indentation while being more concise and direct. (macro-level ...) == (macrolet ((m () ...)) (m))
Hexstream/map-bind MAP-BIND is a macro that allows visual grouping of variables with their corresponding values (not necessarily 1:1) in calls to mapping operators when using an inline LAMBDA. It does so in a way that automatically supports virtually every existing and future mapping operator, all lambda keywords and FUNCALL/APPLY/MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL variations.
Hexstream/multiple-value-variants Gives access to multiple-value variants of operators through one macro: MULTIPLE-VALUE. There are built-in variants for some standard operators; it's easy to create your own variants for other operators. The multiple-value mapping operators are especially useful.
Hexstream/parse-number-range Parses LOOP's convenient "for-as-arithmetic" syntax into 5 simple values: from, to, limit-kind (:inclusive, :exclusive or nil if unbounded), by (step) and direction (+ or -)). Further related utilities are provided. Intended for easy implementation of analogous functionality in other constructs.
Hexstream/place-modifiers place-modifiers essentially gives access to hundreds of modify-macros through one single macro: MODIFY.
Hexstream/place-utils Provides a few utilities relating to setfable places.
Hexstream/positional-lambda positional-lambda is a concise, intuitive and flexible syntax (macro) for trivial lambdas that eschews explicit (and often contextually-redundant) naming of parameter variables in favor of positional references, with support for a used or ignored &rest parameter and automatic declaration of ignored parameters when logical "gaps" are left in the positional references. Further convenience features are provided.
Hexstream/symbol-namespaces Defines a new kind of package that's named by a symbol rather than a string and that maps from existing symbols to their respective "implicitly managed" counterparts. The motivating use-case is to conceptually allow multiple definitions of the same kind on a single symbol, without conflicts.
Hexstream/trivial-jumptables Provides efficient O(1) jumptables on supported Common Lisp implementations and falls back to O(log(n)) on others.
Hexstream/with-shadowed-bindings Establishes a new lexical context within which specified bindings are explicitly shadowed, making it clear that they are not referenced within, thereby reducing cognitive load.
html/weblocks-examples Example applications for Weblocks framework
html/weblocks-prototype-js Weblocks JavaScript-backend, connecting it to PrototypeJs library
html/weblocks-utils Collection of utilities that I use in my weblocks projects
inaimathi/cl-notebook A notebook-style editor for Common Lisp
joaotavora/sly Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE
joaotavora/sly-named-readtables NAMED-READTABLES support for SLY
jorgetavares/zsort zsort is a collection of portable sorting algorithms in Common Lisp.
KeenS/zenekindarl A fast template engine for Common Lisp
kennytilton/utils-kt Generic hacks used in any project
libre-man/unix-opts Unix-style command line options parser
luksamuk/cl-ann Artificial Neural Network implementation in Common Lisp
luksamuk/cl-hackasm Assembler for the nand2tetris Hack platform
michaeljforster/whofields HTML field rendering and input validation utilities written in Common Lisp
mtstickney/weft A simple network server framework.
orthecreedence/vom A tiny logging library for Common Lisp
orthecreedence/wookie Asynchronous HTTP server in common lisp
phoe/wordnet Common Lisp interface to WordNet - modernized
pkhuong/Xecto 80% xectors
privet-kitty/wild-package-inferred-system introduces wildcard into ASDF package-inferred-system
Ramarren/unit-formula Common Lisp library for unit conversions and unit verified formulas
ruricolist/spinneret Common Lisp HTML5 generator
ruricolist/vernacular Module system for languages embedded in Common Lisp
ryukinix/leraxandria A personal collection of functions, macros and programs written in Common Lisp
ryukinix/lisp-chat An experimental minimal chat written in Common Lisp
ryukinix/lisp-inference An Inference Engine based on Propositional Calculus written in Common Lisp
scymtym/utilities.binary-dump Functions for printing binary data (subset of the od(1) UNIX tool)
scymtym/utilities.print-items Composable printing of objects.
scymtym/utilities.print-tree Simple facilities for printing tree structures in an easy to read way.
scymtym/xml.location Bind XPath-based locations to variables with extensible type-based to/from XML conversion
sharplispers/yaclml Yet Another Common Lisp Markup Language, originally by Edward Marco Baringer
sharplispers/zlib Matthieu Villeneuve's zlib
Shinmera/universal-config Common Lisp library to provide a universal configuration layer.
Shinmera/verbose A Common Lisp logging framework using the piping library.
svetlyak40wt/cl-pgpass Pgpass parses PostgreSQL's credential files and returns passwords for given host/port/user/dbname
terminal625/utility Utility Library
ultralisp/quickdist Create a Quicklisp distribution from a directory of local projects.
vindarel/cl-readline Common Lisp bindings to the GNU Readline library
vindarel/cl-str Modern, simple and consistent Common Lisp string manipulation library.
vindarel/cl-torrents Web scraping the Pirate Bay, 1337x and more in Common Lisp - tutorial and binaries (issue tracker on -
vindarel/cl-torrents-web self-contained, dynamic web app to search for torrents on popular trackers.
vindarel/replic Build a terminal application in no time from an existing library.
VitoVan/xml-emitter The official repository, taken over from Peter Scott.
volkers/vgplot Common lisp library interfacing to the gnuplot utility
vsedach/vas-string-metrics Jaro-Winkler and Levenshtein string distance algorithms for Common Lisp
vy/meta-sexp A META parser generator using LL(1) grammars with s-expressions.
wsgac/cl-moss Common Lisp submission mechanism for Stanford's MOSS similarity detection system
xach/westbrook An RSS generator.
yitzchak/common-lisp-jupyter A Common Lisp kernel for Jupyter along with a library for building Jupyter kernels.