Version 20201121080506

To install:
(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

or if you are using the Qlot, then add this line into the top of your qlfile :

dist ultralisp

and run qlot update in the shell.

1u4nx/cl-tld Extracts the TLD(Top Level Domain) from domain,for Common Lisp
3b/classimp common lisp/cffi bindings for Open Asset Import Library (
3b/cl-opengl cl-opengl is a set of CFFI bindings to the OpenGL, GLU and GLUT APIs.
3b/clws websockets server in CL
3b/glsl-packing calculate std140/std430 layout for a glsl UBO/SSBO
40ants/barista A framework to write OSX menu bar plugins in Common Lisp.
40ants/ceramic Attention! This is a fork.
40ants/cl-bitbar Utils to build BitBar plugins in CommonLisp
40ants/cldomain Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems.
40ants/cl-flamegraph A wrapper around SBCL's statistical profiler, to generate FlameGraph charts for Common Lisp programs
40ants/cl-github A thin wrapper around GitHub API. Supports rate limiting and pagination.
40ants/cl-hamcrest This library makes your CL unittests more readable.
40ants/cl-info An utility which collects information about Common Lisp implementation and systems for bugreports
40ants/cl-link-header A library to parse content of the Link header
40ants/cl-prevalence In memory database system for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-prevalence-multimaster This system contains an addon which allows to syncronize multiple cl-prevalence systems state.
40ants/cl-project-with-docs Common Lisp project skeleton generator which uses Sphinx and reStructured text to render nice and readable HTML documentation.
40ants/cl-telegram-bot Telegram Bot API for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-yandex-metrika A client library for
40ants/defmain A helper to simplify command line arguments usage in Common Lisp
40ants/gen-deps-system A command line utility to generate ASDF system to improve caching of Common Lisp application packaged into the Docker container.
40ants/genetic-algorithm A generic implementation of Genetic Algorithm.
40ants/html2text A Common Lisp utility which converts HTML into Markdown text
40ants/lem-pareto A LEM mode to make Lisp code editing more efficient!
40ants/lem-solarized Solarized color theme for the Lem editor
40ants/lem-theme The base for CLOS based themes for Lem editor!
40ants/log4cl-extras A few addons for log4cl Common Lisp logging library.
40ants/log4cl-json JSON appender for log4cl.
40ants/log4sly This package adds a C-c C-g shortcut which allows to setup log4cl's log levels from Emacs.
40ants/mailgun A thin wrapper to post HTML emails through
40ants/mito-email-auth Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email.
40ants/portable-ca-bundle A macro to restore Dexador's CA bundle when running LISP binary on a different machine
40ants/progressor A tool to track multiple progress bars on distributed machines.
40ants/recompile This is a small helper to recompile given Common Lisp system, very useful if you wish to produce high quality software by demolution of all compiler's warnings.
40ants/sly-package-inferred A better package inferred systems support for SLY
40ants/teddy A data framework for Common Lisp
40ants/trivial-imap This is a thin wrapper over post-office library (which is a fork of Franz's cl-imap)
40ants/weblocks This fork was created to experiment with some refactorings. They are collected in branch "reblocks".
40ants/weblocks-auth A system to add an authentication to the Weblocks based site.
40ants/weblocks-file-server A file browser for Weblocks web framework.
40ants/weblocks-lass A helper for Weblocks framework to define widget dependencies in LASS syntax.
40ants/weblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/weblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/weblocks-stores This fork is fixed to work with 40ants/weblocks
40ants/weblocks-ui A set of widget for Weblocks framework, to simplify UI elements creation. Based on Zurb's Foundation and jQuery.
40ants/weblocks-websocket Websocket support for Common Lisp framework weblocks.
a0-prw/cl-paymill A common lisp interface to the Paymill payment service API
a0-prw/simple-currency simple-currency is a Common Lisp library which converts between currencies using foreign exchange information published daily by the ECB
aarvid/SmackJack An Ajax Common Lisp Library using parenscript to generate javascript and hunchentoot (for now) as the web server. Basically a fork and refactoring of ht-simple-ajax with an attempt merge ideas and code from ht-ajax.
aarvid/translate-client A translate server client for interfacing with a web server such as google translate
AccelerationNet/cl-mediawiki A Common Lisp wrapper around the MediaWiki api
AccelerationNet/clsql-helper A Common Lisp library to smooth some of CLSQLs rough edges
AccelerationNet/clsql-orm A common lisp object / relational mapping library, the goal of which, is to generate common lisp objects from a running database schema
AccelerationNet/collectors A Common lisp library providing collector macros
AccelerationNet/css-selectors A common lisp library that implements a css3 selector query language on CXML DOM documents and Nodes
AccelerationNet/data-table A Common Lisp data structure representing tabular data (think CSVs and database results)
AccelerationNet/function-cache A Common Lisp function caching / memoization library
AccelerationNet/generators A common-lisp library providing python style generators (using cl-cont)
AccelerationNet/group-by A Common Lisp library to help group data into trees (of various formats) based on common/shared values
AccelerationNet/lisp-unit2 A Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.
AccelerationNet/recursive-regex A Common Lisp library that allows CL-PPCRE regexes to call each other recursively and return a parse tree of matching groups
AccelerationNet/symbol-munger a common lisp library to help convert english and lisp-symbols into each other and various formats
AccelerationNet/talcl A common lisp library that implements the tal template language (a significant branch of arnesi/ucw tal)
adlai/Eos Unit Testing for Common Lisp
adlai/scalpl volatility harvester, operate with extreme prejudice
adolenc/cl-messagepack-rpc A Common Lisp implementation of the MessagePack-RPC specification
adolenc/cl-neovim Common lisp client for neovim
AeroNotix/cqlcl A Cassandra native protocol client in Common Lisp
AeroNotix/ryeboy A Common Lisp Riemann client -
agrostis/diff-match-patch A Common Lisp port of Neil Fraser's library of the same name
agrostis/linewise-template Linewise file/stream processor for code generation etc.
ahefner/mixalot Loosely-coupled collection of audio libraries in Common Lisp
ahefner/shuffletron A music player based on search and tagging, with a terminal UI, for Linux, written in Common Lisp.
ahungry/glyphs Glyphs - Reducing Common Lisp verbosity
ahungry/injection Dependency Injection for Common Lisp
ailisp/exit-hooks Call functions automatically when Common Lisp exit
ailisp/flute A beautiful, easilly composable HTML5 generation library in Common Lisp
ailisp/illusion Library to customize and manage Lisp parens reader
ailisp/simple-gui A declarative way for fast creating simple GUI on Common Lisp
akapav/js JavaScript compiler for Common Lisp
alejandrozf/asterlisp Common Lisp client to Asterisk AMI protocol
alex-gutev/generic-cl Generic function interface to standard Common Lisp functions
alex-gutev/static-dispatch Static generic function dispatch for Common Lisp
alpha123/cl-template Simple, output-agnostic template engine for Common Lisp, inspired by ERb.
amb007/cl-automaton A Common Lisp DFA/NFA implementation with Unicode, derived from
amb007/cl-unum A Common Lisp implementation of John L. Gustafson's unums as described in The End of Error
antifuchs/cxml-rpc XML-RPC for Common Lisp
antifuchs/idna Common Lisp IDNA encding / decoding functions
Antigonus/tm Common Lisp formalized iteration library.
antimer/liblmdb Low-level LMDB bindings
antimer/lmdb LMDB bindings for Common Lisp
arbscht/py-configvalidator A validation layer for py-configparser (Common Lisp)
archimag/cl-mssql cl-mssql
archimag/cl-routes Common Lisp implementation of the routes system for mapping URL's
archimag/cl-sanitize Whitelist-based Common Lisp HTML sanitizer
archimag/data-sift Common Lisp library for validataion and transformation of string data
archimag/garbage-pools Implementation pools for resource management.
archimag/restas Common Lisp web framework
archimag/restas-directory-publisher RESTAS module for publishing directories.
arielnetworks/cl-markup Modern markup (HTML) generation library for Common Lisp
arielnetworks/cl-pattern ML-like Pattern Matching for Common Lisp
asciian/cl-skkserv Common LispによるSKK辞書サーバーとその拡張
asciian/papyrus A Literate Programming Tool
astine/unix-options Common Lisp library for processing command line options.
atlas-engineer/cl-webengine A binding to WebEngine Qt for Common Lisp
atomontage/plokami Common Lisp PCAP Interface
attila-lendvai/hu.dwim.bluez Common Lisp FFI for libbluetooth, aka Bluez, which is a Linux Bluetooth stack.
austinhaas/pettomato-deque double-ended queue implementations
austinhaas/pettomato-indexed-priority-queue A binary heap based priority queue implementation with efficient support for find, update, replace, and delete operations.
avodonosov/local-package-aliases package aliases for Common Lisp
avodonosov/secure-random secure-random provides a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator for Common Lisp.
Balooga/Simple-Finalizer A simple finalizer for Common Lisp when using CFFI
bhyde/cl-one-time-passwords One time passwords (hotp rfc4226, totp rfc6238) as used in two factor authentication systems such as Google's.
Bike/introspect-environment CL environment introspection portability layer
Bike/sandalphon.lambda-list CL Lambda list parsing and usage
binghe/portable-threads Portable threads API for Common Lisp (from GBBopen project)
blindglobe/common-lisp-stat Common Lisp Statistics -- based on LispStat (Tierney) but updated for Common Lisp and incorporating lessons from R ( See the google group for lisp stat / common lisp statistics for a mailing list.
blindglobe/fnv Foreign-Numeric-Vector, a common lisp package supporting the use of foreign-stored arrays in common lisp for numerical work.
blindglobe/lisp-matrix A matrix package for common lisp building on work by Mark Hoemmen, Evan Monroig, Tamas Papp and Rif.
blindglobe/listoflist functions and infrastructure for listoflist as an xarray-API array management structures. Goal is to be able to use a subset of xarray's API as appropriate for listoflist data.
blindglobe/xarray A generalized interface for array-like objects with views
bluelisp/closure-html HTML parser written in Common Lisp
bluelisp/hemlock Portable version of the Hemlock editor.
bluelisp/zip Library for .zip-file reading and writing, written in Common Lisp.
BnMcGn/clack-pretend A debugging and testing tool for Clack
BnMcGn/clath Clath is single sign-on middleware for Clack. Login with OAuth1.0a, OAuth2 or OpenID Connect.
BnMcGn/html-entities Html-entities lets you encode and decode entities in HTML.
BnMcGn/snakes Python-like generators for Common Lisp
borodust/bodge-glfw Thin wrapper over GLFW library
borodust/claw Autowrapping FFI
borodust/cl-muth Multithreading and concurrency utilities
borodust/clutz Simple CLOS-oriented API for handling native OS windows and OpenGL contexts
borodust/glad-blob Foreign library collection for GLAD GL loader
borodust/glfw-blob Foreign library collection for bodge-glfw
borodust/nanovg-blob Foreign library collection for bodge-nanovg
borodust/nuklear-blob Compiled library collection for bodge-nuklear
borodust/ode-blob Foreign library collection for bodge-ode
borodust/openal-blob Foreign library collection for bodge-openal
borodust/simple-flow-dispatcher Trivial dispatcher for cl-flow system
borodust/sndfile-blob Foreign library collection for bodge-sndfile
bpanthi977/cl-heroku Example application for Heroku buildpack
BradWBeer/CLinch Common Lisp 3D/2D Graphics Engine for OpenGL
BradWBeer/cl-ode Common Lisp CFFI wrappers to the ODE physics engine
BradWBeer/cl-pango CFFI Bindings for Common Lisp
brown/base Universally useful Lisp code that lives in package
brown/lisp-gflags Common Lisp implementation of GFlags, Google's command line flag parsing library. GFlags is a replacement for the getopt argument parsing library.
brown/protobuf Common Lisp implementation of Google's protocol buffers
brown/random ACM random number generator
brown/sip-hash Common Lisp implementation of the SipHash family of cryptographically secure hash functions.
brown/snappy Common Lisp implementation of Google's Snappy data compression library, which is also known as Zippy compression.
brown/swank-client Common Lisp implementation of a Slime / Swank client.
brown/swank-crew Common Lisp distributed computation framework implemented using Swank Client
bytecurry/colliflower Generic interfaces for lisp collections.
byulparan/sc-extensions additional library for cl-collider
capitaomorte/fiasco A test framework for Common Lisp
capitaomorte/hunchensocket WebSockets for Hunchentoot
capitaomorte/snooze Common Lisp RESTful web development
carrotflakes/cl-mecab MeCab bindings for Common Lisp
carrotflakes/poler An infix notation macro generator for Common Lisp
cbaggers/cl-soil Common lisp wrapper around the SOIL library (
cbaggers/dendrite Master package to load all dendrite packages
cbaggers/dirt A front-end for cl-soil which loads images straight to cepl:c-arrays and cepl:textures
cbaggers/disposable common code for CL disposable
cbaggers/draw-cons-tree Draws and ascii picture of a cons tree
cbaggers/fn A couple of lambda shorthand macros
cbaggers/glsl-spec The GLSL spec as a datastructure
cbaggers/grovel-locally Grovel using cffi and cache the result locally to the system
cbaggers/livesupport Some helpers that may make livecoding with slime/sly a little easier
cbaggers/mk-string-metrics Calculate various string metrics efficiently in Common Lisp (Damerau-Levenshtein, Hamming, Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, Levenshtein, etc.)
cbaggers/nineveh Library of common helpful gpu functions
cbaggers/rtg-math common lisp library providing common math functions used in games
cbaggers/sdl2-game-controller-db Provides gamepad bindings for cl-sdl2
cbaggers/skitter A small event system for games
cbaggers/structy-defclass Make classes like structs
cbaggers/ Some helpers for swank in the area of live coding
cbaggers/temporal-functions Rewrite of the temporal function code from cepl.
cbaggers/trivial-macroexpand-all macroexpand-all function that calls each implementation's equivalent
cbaggers/varjo Lisp to GLSL Language Translator
cbaggers/with-cached-reader-conditionals Call a function can return the result and also any features expressions that were read inside the funcall
cbaggers/with-setf Macros for setting a place for the duration of a scope
cbeo/gtwiwtg Naive generators for Common Lisp
cddr/delorean A simple set of macros for mocking time
ceramic/copy-directory Copy a directory, using the cp command when available
ceramic/electron-tools Tools for working with Electron
ceramic/remote-js Run JavaScript in a browser from Common Lisp
ceramic/trivial-build A tiny library to compile a system into an executable
ceramic/trivial-compress Compress a directory from Common Lisp
ceramic/trivial-exe A couple of utilities for working with executables
cffi-posix/cffi-dirent Common Lisp wrappers for dirent.h
cffi-posix/cffi-epoll Common Lisp wrapper for Linux epoll syscall.
cffi-posix/cffi-errno Common Lisp wrapper for Unix error codes.
cffi-posix/cffi-fcntl Common Lisp wrapper for fcntl.h
cffi-posix/cffi-kqueue CFFI bindings for kqueue
cffi-posix/cffi-pledge Common Lisp wrapper for pledge syscall on OpenBSD
cffi-posix/cffi-socket Common Lisp wrapper for BSD sockets.
cffi-posix/cffi-stat Common Lisp wrapper for stat.h
cffi-posix/cffi-unistd Common Lisp wrapper for unistd.h
cffi-posix/fd-flexi Unix file descriptor flexi streams for Common Lisp
cffi-posix/fd-gray Unix file descriptor gray streams for Common Lisp
chaitanyagupta/qbase64 Fast and flexible base64 encoder/decoder in Lisp
chfin/lowlight A simple syntax highlighter in Common Lisp
chfin/treedb A hierarchical key-value-database for common lisp
Chream/mockingbird A small stubbing and mocking library for Common Lisp
chumsley/jwacs Javascript With Advanced Continuation Support
ciel-lang/CIEL CIEL Is an Extended Lisp
cl-adams/adams UNIX system administration in Common Lisp
cl-babel/babel Babel is a charset encoding/decoding library, not unlike GNU libiconv, written in pure Common Lisp.
cldm/cl-semver Semantic Versions handling in Common Lisp
cl-facts/facts in-memory graph database
cl-facts/lessp Universal order predicate in Common Lisp
cl-facts/rollback Rollback functions
cl-stream/babel-stream Charset encoding/decoding layer for cl-stream using babel.
cl-stream/cl-stream Stream classes for Common Lisp
cl-stream/matcher-stream Character matcher classes for cl-stream.
cl-stream/parser-stream Parser stream class for cl-stream.
cl-stream/token-stream Lexer classes for cl-stream
cl-stream/unistd-stdio Standard I/O for cl-stream using cffi-unistd.
cl-stream/unistd-stream Unix file descriptor layer for cl-stream
cl-stream/utf8-stream UTF-8 for cl-stream using babel
cmoore/twitch-websockets Handle websocket events for twitch channels.
CommonDoc/codex Build beautiful documentation
CommonDoc/common-doc A framework for representing and manipulating documents.
CommonDoc/common-doc-plump Convert Plump documents to CommonDoc ones, and vice versa
CommonDoc/common-html An HTML parser/emitter for CommonDoc.
CommonDoc/pandocl Document converter
CommonDoc/parenml An S-expression markup language
CommonDoc/scriba A markup language with Scribe syntax
CommonDoc/thorn Insert special characters into CommonDoc documents.
CommonDoc/vertex A markup language with TeX syntax
commonlispbr/quicksys A tool to install quicklisp systems from multiple distributions over world
commonlispbr/starwar A game written in Common Lisp, using lispbuilder-sdl
common-lisp-repo/repo Source repository utilities in Common Lisp
commonqt/commonqt Official commonqt repository
compufox/glacier lightweight mastodon bot wrapper
compufox/simple-config parse simple KEY=VALUE config files
compufox/textery lisp tracery implementation
compufox/with-user-abort provides a nice, portable way to capture user-interrupt signals in lisp
copyleft/cl-odata-client Common Lisp client library for accessing OData services
cosmos72/hyperluminal-mem High performance serialization library for Common Lisp
cosmos72/stmx High performance Transactional Memory for Common Lisp
csziacobus/equals Generic Equality and Comparison for Common Lisp
cuichaox/dml Diagram Make Language for common lisp
cxxxr/cl-toml TOML v0.4.0 parser and encoder
DalekBaldwin/macrodynamics Look at your macros in a whole new scope.
DalekBaldwin/transparent-wrap Generate wrapper functions that display the same signature in the SLIME minibuffer as the functions they wrap. Available through Quicklisp.
danlentz/printv A batteries-included tracing and debug-logging macro
dardoria/uuid Common Lisp implementation of UUIDs according to RFC4122
davep/org-davep-dict RFC2229 client for Common Lisp
davep/org-davep-dictrepl RFC2229 client REPL for Common Lisp
dballard/cl-pack CL-PACK supplies Perl/PHP/Ruby compatible pack() and unpack() functions to allow easy use of binary format protocols and files with the above mentioned languages and C in Lisp
deadtrickster/cl-statsd Statsd client in Common Lisp
deadtrickster/eventfd Eventfd bindings
deadtrickster/ia-hash-table Indifferent access hash-tables for Common Lisp. Also with dot syntax
deadtrickster/ Common Lisp client
deadtrickster/ Common Lisp implementation of Graham Cormode and S. Muthukrishnan's Effective Computation of Biased Quantiles over Data Streams in ICDE’05
deadtrickster/safe-queue Thread-safe queues and mailboxes
death/consix Lispy Qix-like game in 7 days
death/dbus A D-BUS client library for Common Lisp
death/dweet client for Common Lisp
death/exponential-backoff An implementation of the exponential backoff algorithm in Common Lisp
death/gcm Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) library for Common Lisp
death/hspell Common Lisp bindings for hspell
death/leveldb LevelDB bindings for Common Lisp
death/lredis Lisp Redis bindings
death/towers Silly geodefense clone wannabe
defaultxr/bdef Buffer definition; audio buffer abstraction for sound synthesis systems.
defaultxr/cl-patterns Library for conveniently(?) writing patterns to generate or process (a)musical sequences of mathematically (un)related (non-)compound values in Lisp.
defaultxr/cl-renoise Lisp interface to Renoise.
defaultxr/datamuse Common Lisp library for accessing the Datamuse word-finding API
defaultxr/mutility modula's utilities; various utility functions i use in my projects.
defaultxr/swank-recorder Simple listener recorder for Swank.
defaultxr/zoned Tile-based 2D video game map editor in CLIM
defunkydrummer/auto-text Automatic (encoding, end of line, column width, etc) detection for text files. 100% Common Lisp.
deterministic-arts/DartsCLEmailAddress RFC 5322 compliant parser for email addresses
deterministic-arts/DartsCLHashTree Purely functional data structures
deterministic-arts/DartsCLMessagePack Simple Message-Pack encoder/decoder
deterministic-arts/DartsCLUUID Provides support for UUIDs as proper values
digikar99/py4cl2 Call python from Common Lisp
digikar99/queue Simple constant time FIFO queue in Common Lisp.
digikar99/reader A utility library intended at providing reader macros for lambdas, mapping, accessors, hash-tables and hash-sets.
Dimercel/cl-rules Simple DSL for rules that can be configured without code
Dimercel/listopia This is no official port of Haskell package Data.List
dimitri/pgloader Migrate to PostgreSQL in a single command!
diogoalexandrefranco/cl-strings A portable, dependency-free set of utilities to manipulate strings in Common Lisp
dlowe-net/local-time Time manipulation library for Common Lisp
dmitryvk/cl-sqlite Common Lisp binding for SQLite
dochang/magicffi Common Lisp interface to libmagic based on CFFI
drdo/do-urlencode Percent Encoding (aka URL Encoding) library
drewc/planks Persistent Lisp ...
drewc/smug Super Monadic Über Go-into : parser combinators for Common Lisp
drurowin/mailbox Simple multithreading mailboxes for Common Lisp.
dsorokin/generic-sequences Generic Sequences for Common Lisp
dsorokin/priority-queue A priority queue for Common Lisp
dsorokin/trivial-lazy Trivial lazy macros and functions for Common Lisp
dym/cl-odesk Common Lisp bindings for oDesk API
e40/cl-quakeinfo Common Lisp API for USGS Earthquake info retrieval
eadmund/cl-sxml XML in S-expressions
eadmund/cl-xdg XDG desktop file parsing for Common Lisp
ebobby/cl-simple-table Simple table data structure and functions to work with them. Specially useful to play around with tabular data files (like csv or tsv).
edicl/chunga Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp
edicl/cl-fad Portable pathname library for Common Lisp
edicl/cl-gd UFFI bindings to the GD graphics library
edicl/cl-interpol Common Lisp surface syntax niceties
edicl/cl-ppcre Common Lisp regular expression library
edicl/cl-unicode Portable Unicode library for Common Lisp
edicl/cl-webdav WebDAV server written in Common Lisp
edicl/cl-who Yet another Lisp markup language
edicl/drakma HTTP client written in Common Lisp
edicl/flexi-streams Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp
edicl/html-template Use HTML templates from Common Lisp
edicl/hunchentoot Web server written in Common Lisp
edicl/url-rewrite Rewrite (X)HTML attributes with Common Lisp
Edraag/Easy-bind Easy local binding for Common Lisp
egao1980/classie CLASSIE is the best friend of LASS - providing utilities and missing bits for SCSS to LASS conversion
egao1980/cl-idna Portable IDNA library for Common Lisp
egao1980/cl-robots Simple robots.txt reader
egao1980/cl-sitemaps sitemap.xml parser for Common Lisp
egao1980/tesseract-capi Low level Tesseract C API wrapper for versions 3.05.02, 4.1.1 and 5.0.0
ejbs/define-json-expander Common Lisp macros for creating simple interfaces between CLOS and JSON
elbeno/curve Curve modulation library.
elbeno/vector Simple 2D vector library.
elliottjohnson/cl-package-locks A compatability layer for dealing with package locks in a uniform manner.
enaeher/local-time-duration Duration processing library built on top of local-time.
equill/neo4cl Basic library for interacting with Neo4J
eschulte/curry-compose-reader-macros Reader macros for concise expression of function partial application and composition.
eschulte/delta-debug Common Lisp implementation of delta debugging
eschulte/elf A Common Lisp library for manipulating ELF files
eschulte/graph Simple graph data structure and algorithms
eslick/cl-stdutils My standard grab bag of common lisp utility functions
EuAndreh/cl-slug Small library to make slugs, mainly for URIs, from english and beyond.
EuAndreh/defclass-std A shortcut macro to write DEFCLASS forms quickly
eudoxia0/clack-errors Error page middleware for Clack.
eudoxia0/cl-libyaml libyaml bindings for Common Lisp
eudoxia0/clos-fixtures CLOS fixtures.
eudoxia0/cl-pass Password hashing and verification library
eudoxia0/cl-virtualbox Control VirtualBox from Common Lisp
eudoxia0/cl-yaml YAML parser for Common Lisp
eudoxia0/corona Create and manage virtual machines from Common Lisp
eudoxia0/crane An ORM for Common Lisp.
eudoxia0/docparser Extract documentation from Common Lisp systems
eudoxia0/eco Fast, flexible, designer-friendly templates for Common Lisp
eudoxia0/find-port Programmatically find open ports.
eudoxia0/git-file-history View a file's git history, and individual commit info
eudoxia0/hermetic Security for Clack-based Common Lisp web applications.
eudoxia0/lass-flexbox Flexbox for Lass
eudoxia0/lime A client for Swank
eudoxia0/parse-front-matter A Jekyll-style front matter parser
eudoxia0/path-parse Parse the PATH environment variable portably
eudoxia0/rock Asset manager and compiler for Common Lisp web apps
eudoxia0/swank-protocol A low-level client for Swank
eudoxia0/trivial-download Download files from Common Lisp through Drakma.
eudoxia0/trivial-extract Extract compressed files painlessly.
eudoxia0/which The which command in Common Lisp
eugeneia/cl-qprint Implementation of the quoted-printable encoding.
eugeneia/cl-rfc2047 Implementation of RFC 2047.
eugeneia/file-types Simple scheme to classify file types in a hierarchical fashion. Includes support for associating and querying MIME types.
eugeneia/macro-html macro-html is a HTML generation library. It aims to be fast, modular, cachable and concise.
eugeneia/maxpc Max’s Parser Combinators: a simple and pragmatic library for writing parsers and lexers based on combinatory parsing.
eugeneia/mpc Monadic parser combinators library. It provides a toolbox of predefined parsers, facilities for error handling and parses arrays, streams and lists.
eugeneia/purl Provides a parser and defines a type for URLs as specified in RFC1738.
eugeneia/texp TEXP is a domain specific language for producing TeX documents with Common Lisp.
eugeneia/trivial-documentation Scrape on-line documentation out of a running Lisp image
e-user/cl-m4 Common Lisp re-implementation of GNU M4
e-user/evol Replacement for make
e-user/graylex Gray lexer input streams
e-user/testbild Universal test output production and consumption facility
Failproofshark/cl-sdl2-ttf A common lisp wrapper for SDL2_TTF used for loading fonts and creating text assets
fare/cl-scripting cl-scripting, utilities for scripting in Common Lisp
fare/fare-scripts Scripts written Common Lisp
fare/lisp-interface-library LIL: abstract interfaces and supporting concrete data-structures in Common Lisp
fb08af68/esrap-peg This is a mirror of monotone repository for Esrap-PEG, generator of Esrap rules from PEG grammars
fb08af68/query-fs It is a mirror of QueryFS monotone repository. QueryFS is stable enough that difference is minimal, but the true repository is in Monotone:
Ferada/cl-mock Mocking functions. Please get in touch to discuss features! Only regular functions available for now.
fgatherlet/cl-dead-string common lisp's reader macro #"hello"# to handle string like python's """hello""".
fgatherlet/cl-regexp-trie fast keyword matching with the trie algorithm (a common lisp port of Perl's Regexp::Trie).
fgatherlet/cl-webdriver `cl-webdriver` is a library to talk with webdriver (selenium 3).
fiddlerwoaroof/format-string-builder A DSL wrapping cl:format's syntax with something more lispy
filonenko-mikhail/cl-portaudio Common Lisp bindings to portaudio library
filonenko-mikhail/clx-xkeyboard X11 XKeyboard extension for common lisp x client (clx)
fisxoj/clack-static-asset-middleware A cache-busting static asset middleware for the clack web framework
fisxoj/cl-tga TGA file loader in common lisp
fisxoj/coo Documentation tools for common lisp
fisxoj/hyperspec Programmatic index to the common lisp hyperspec
fjames86/cl-slp Common Lisp FFI bindings to OpenSLP library
fjames86/frpc Common Lisp ONC-RPC implementation
fjames86/glass Common Lisp GSS layer
fjames86/packet A simple Common Lisp binary serializer
fjames86/pounds Lisp block storage
fjames86/winhttp CFFI bindings to WinHttp
fjolliton/cl-vectors Pure Common Lisp anti-aliasing rasterizer
flambard/thnappy Common Lisp bindings to Google's Snappy compression library.
fons/cl-mongo lisp interface to mongo db
fons/cl-twitter cl-twitter : Common Lisp Client for Twitter
fourier/ppath Common Lisp's implementation of the Python's os.path module
Frechmatz/cl-threadpool A thread pool written in Common Lisp
fredokun/defvariant Variants for Common Lisp
freiksenet/cl-zmq Common Lisp bindings to 0mq. Port to 0mq 3.
frodef/pithy-xml Read and print XML library for Common Lisp.
froydnj/trees A library for binary trees written in Common Lisp
fstamour/breeze Experiment on worflow with common lisp
fstamour/cl-repl A full-featured repl implementation
fstamour/redmoon toy programming laguage that I created to learn about formal method and static analysis
fstamour/simpbin A common lisp library to store data in a simple binary format
fukamachi/anypool General-purpose connection pooling library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/asn1 ASN.1 decoder
fukamachi/assoc-utils Utilities for manipulating association lists.
fukamachi/can A role-based access right control library.
fukamachi/circular-streams Circularly readable streams for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/clack Web server abstraction layer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/cl-cookie HTTP cookie manager
fukamachi/cl-dbi Database independent interface for Common Lisp
fukamachi/cl-line-bot-sdk SDK for the LINE Messaging API for Common Lisp
fukamachi/cl-locale Simple i18n library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/cl-weather-jp Get weather in Japan
fukamachi/datafly A lightweight database library for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/dexador A fast HTTP client for Common Lisp
fukamachi/envy Configuration switcher by an environment variable inspired by Config::ENV.
fukamachi/event-emitter Event mechanism for Common Lisp objects.
fukamachi/fast-http A fast HTTP request/response parser for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/fast-websocket Optimized low-level WebSocket protocol parser written in Common Lisp
fukamachi/http-body HTTP POST data parser.
fukamachi/id3v2 ID3v2 parser
fukamachi/integral An object relational mapper for Common Lisp
fukamachi/jose A JOSE implementation
fukamachi/jsonrpc JSON-RPC 2.0 server/client for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/lack Lack, the core of Clack
fukamachi/legion Simple multithreading worker mechanism.
fukamachi/lev libev bindings for Common Lisp
fukamachi/lsx Embeddable HTML templating engine for Common Lisp with JSX-like syntax
fukamachi/mito An ORM for Common Lisp with migrations, relationships and PostgreSQL support
fukamachi/mito-attachment Mito mixin class for file management outside of RDBMS
fukamachi/mito-auth User authorization for Mito classes.
fukamachi/mp3-duration Get the duration of an MP3 file
fukamachi/multival-plist Property List stores multiple values per one key.
fukamachi/myway Sinatra-compatible URL routing library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/ningle Super micro framework for Common Lisp
fukamachi/pem PEM parser.
fukamachi/proc-parse Procedural vector parser
fukamachi/prove Yet another unit testing framework for Common Lisp
fukamachi/psychiq Background job processing for Common Lisp
fukamachi/qlot A project-local library installer for Common Lisp
fukamachi/quri Yet another URI library for Common Lisp
fukamachi/ragno Common Lisp Web crawling library based on Psychiq.
fukamachi/rove #1=(yet another . #1#) common lisp testing library
fukamachi/safety-params Check params
fukamachi/shelly [OBSOLETE] Make Common Lisp shell-friendly.
fukamachi/smart-buffer Smart octets buffer.
fukamachi/supertrace Superior Common Lisp `trace` functionality for debugging/profiling real world applications.
fukamachi/sxql An SQL generator for Common Lisp.
fukamachi/trivial-battery A trivial library for getting the battery informations.
fukamachi/utopian A web framework for Common Lisp never finished.
fukamachi/websocket-driver WebSocket server/client implementation for Common Lisp
fukamachi/woo A fast non-blocking HTTP server on top of libev
fukamachi/xsubseq Efficient way to use "subseq"s in Common Lisp
fullandfaithful/cardiogram A test framework for Common Lisp
FungusHumungus/froute Routing library taking advantage of the MOP
fzalkow/cl-mlep cl-mlep is a Common Lisp Machine Learning library for Educational Purposes.
g000001/arc-compat Arc compatible package
g000001/lisp-critic The Lisp Critic scans your code for instances of bad Lisp programming practice.
g000001/lw-emacs-keybinds GNU Emacs keybinds for LispWorks Editor
g000001/mbe Scheme Macros for Common Lisp
g000001/r6rs-reader R6RS reader for CL
g000001/spice-flavors Spice Lisp Flavors
g000001/srfi-0 SRFI 0 for CL: Feature-based conditional expansion construct
g000001/srfi-1 SRFI-1: List Library
g000001/srfi-10 SRFI-10 for CL: #, external form
g000001/srfi-100 SRFI 100 for CL: define-lambda-object
g000001/srfi-101 SRFI 101 for CL: Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists
g000001/srfi-102 SRFI 102 for CL: Procedure Arity Inspection
g000001/srfi-105 SRFI 105 for CL: Curly-infix-expressions
g000001/srfi-11 SRFI 11 for CL: Syntax for receiving multiple values
g000001/srfi-111 SRFI 111 for CL: Boxes
g000001/srfi-112 SRFI 112 for CL: Environment Inquiry
g000001/srfi-113 SRFI 113 for CL: Sets and bags
g000001/srfi-115 SRFI 115 for CL: Scheme Regular Expressions
g000001/srfi-116 SRFI 116 for CL: Immutable List Library
g000001/srfi-118 SRFI 118 for CL: Simple adjustable-size strings
g000001/srfi-13 SRFI 13 for CL: String Libraries
g000001/srfi-14 SRFI 14 for CL: Character-set Library
g000001/srfi-145 SRFI 145 for CL: Assumptions
g000001/srfi-16 SRFI-16 for CL: Syntax for procedures of variable arity.
g000001/srfi-169 SRFI 169 for CL: Underscores in numbers
g000001/srfi-17 SRFI 17 for CL: Generalized set!
g000001/srfi-172 SRFI 172 for CL: Two Safer Subsets of R7RS
g000001/srfi-173 SRFI 173 for CL: Hooks
g000001/srfi-175 SRFI 175 for CL: ASCII character library
g000001/srfi-19 SRFI 19 for CL: Time Data Types and Procedures
g000001/srfi-2 AND-LET*
g000001/srfi-22 SRFI 22 for CL: Running Scheme Scripts on Unix
g000001/srfi-23 SRFI 23: Error reporting mechanism
g000001/srfi-25 SRFI 25 for CL: Multi-dimensional Array Primitives
g000001/srfi-27 SRFI 27 for CL: Sources of Random Bits
g000001/srfi-28 SRFI 28 for CL: Basic Format Strings
g000001/srfi-29 SRFI 29 for CL: Localization
g000001/srfi-3 SRFI 3 for CL: List-Set Library
g000001/srfi-30 SRFI 30 for CL: Nested Multi-line Comments
g000001/srfi-31 SRFI 31 CL: A special form `rec' for recursive evaluation
g000001/srfi-32 SRFI 32 for CL: Sort Libraries
g000001/srfi-34 SRFI 34 for CL: Exception Handling for Programs
g000001/srfi-35 Conditions
g000001/srfi-36 SRFI 36 for CL: I/O Conditions
g000001/srfi-37 SRFI 37 for CL: args-fold: a program argument processor
g000001/srfi-38 SRFI 38 for CL: External Representation for Data With Shared Structure
g000001/srfi-39 SRFI 39 for CL: Parameter objects
g000001/srfi-4 SRFI-4 for CL: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
g000001/srfi-40 SRFI 40 for CL: A Library of Streams
g000001/srfi-41 SRFI 41 for CL: Streams
g000001/srfi-42 SRFI 42 for Common Lisp: Eager Comprehensions
g000001/srfi-43 SRFI 43 for CL: Vector library
g000001/srfi-45 SRFI 45 for CL: Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms
g000001/srfi-46 SRFI 46 for Common Lisp: Basic Syntax-rules Extensions
g000001/srfi-47 SRFI 47 for CL: Array
g000001/srfi-48 SRFI 48 for CL: Intermediate Format Strings
g000001/srfi-49 SRFI 49 for CL: Indentation-sensitive syntax
g000001/srfi-5 SRFI-5 for CL: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
g000001/srfi-51 SRFI 51 for CL: Handling rest list
g000001/srfi-54 SRFI 54 for CL: Formatting
g000001/srfi-55 SRFI 55 for CL: require-extension
g000001/srfi-58 SRFI 58 for CL: Array Notation
g000001/srfi-59 SRFI 59 for CL: Vicinity
g000001/srfi-6 SRFI-6 for CL: Basic String Ports
g000001/srfi-60 SRFI 60 for CL: Integers as Bits
g000001/srfi-61 SRFI 61 for CL: A more general cond clause
g000001/srfi-62 SRFI 62 for CL: S-expression comments
g000001/srfi-63 SRFI 63 for CL: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays
g000001/srfi-64 SRFI 64 for CL: A Scheme API for test suites
g000001/srfi-67 SRFI 67 for CL: Compare Procedures
g000001/srfi-69 SRFI 69 for CL: Basic hash tables
g000001/srfi-7 SRFI 7 for CL: Feature-based program configuration language
g000001/srfi-70 SRFI 70 for CL: Numbers
g000001/srfi-71 SRFI 71 for CL: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values
g000001/srfi-78 SRFI 78 for CL: Lightweight testing
g000001/srfi-8 SRFI-8 for CL: receive: Binding to multiple values
g000001/srfi-86 SRFI 86 for CL: MU and NU simulating VALUES & CALL-WITH-VALUES, and their related LET-syntax
g000001/srfi-87 SRFI 87 for CL: => in case clauses
g000001/srfi-88 SRFI 88 for CL: Keyword objects
g000001/srfi-89 SRFI 89 for CL: Optional positional and named parameters
g000001/srfi-9 SRFI 9 for CL: Defining Record Types
g000001/srfi-90 SRFI 90 for CL: Extensible hash table constructor
g000001/srfi-94 SRFI 94 for CL: Type-Restricted Numerical Functions
g000001/srfi-95 SRFI 95 for CL: Sorting and Merging
g000001/srfi-96 SRFI 96 for CL: SLIB Prerequisites
g000001/srfi-97 SRFI 97 for CL: SRFI Libraries
galdor/lisp-zmq A Common Lisp binding for the zeromq messaging library.
genovese/make-hash A Common Lisp package for hash table creation with flexible, extensible initializers.
gheber/kenzo A repackaged version of the Kenzo software by Francis Sergeraert and collaborators.
gigamonkey/manifest System for semi-automatically documenting Common Lisp packages.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-binary-data Binary data library based on code from chapter 24 of Practical Common Lisp
gigamonkey/monkeylib-html HTML generation on top of monkeylib-text-languages.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-json Json input and output code.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-macro-utilities A few utilities for writing macros.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-markup Markup text markup language.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-markup-html Generate HTML from Monkeylib Markup
gigamonkey/monkeylib-parser Parser generator loosely based on Baker's META paper.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-pathnames My pathname functions. The basis for cl-fad.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-prose-diff Diff program optimized for comparing text files containing prose.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-test-framework Test framework based on code in PCL
gigamonkey/monkeylib-text-languages Framework for building languages that can be output using monkeylib-text-output.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-text-output Framework for generating simply formatted text output.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-utilities Various CL utilities that I use all the time.
gigamonkey/toot A web server created by stripping down and reorganizing Edi Weitz's Hunchentoot
glv2/cl-octet-streams In-memory octet streams
GOFAI/cl-tesseract Common Lisp bindings for the Tesseract OCR library.
gonzojive/cl-svm Scalar Vector Machine implementation in pure Common Lisp
gonzojive/cl-tidy Common Lisp interface to TIDY, a program that cleans up messy HTML.
gonzojive/paren-files Load and compile ASDF systems of Parenscript files. (or individual files)
gonzojive/paren-test Parenscript testing framework. Works, but it needs love to be more lovable.
gonzojive/xml-mop XML parsing "directly" into CLOS objects. Used by the Amazon ECS library.
gos-k/cl-oclapi Common Lisp binding for OpenCL API
gos-k/cl-tasukete Please help me, Common Lisper.
gos-k/oclcl S-expression to OpenCL C
GrammaTech/sel Programmatic modification and evaluation of software
GrammaTech/trace-db Writing, reading, storing, and searching of program traces (source and binary)
grouzen/cl-tetris3d Yet another 3D Tetris clone
gschjetne/json-mop A metaclass for bridging CLOS and JSON objects
guicho271828/ArriVAL Yet Another Classical planning plan validator written in modern Common Lisp
guicho271828/bit-ops Tools for writing optimized bit-vector routines
guicho271828/cl-prolog2 Common Interface to ISO Prolog implementations from Common Lisp
guicho271828/cl-rlimit Common lisp interface to unix rlimit -- ensure the performance of your program!
guicho271828/cl-rrt Common Lisp implementation of RRT (Rapidily exploring Random Tree), a fast probabilistic multidimentional path-plannning algorithm.
guicho271828/cl-sat Common Interface to Boolean Satisfiability Solvers from Common Lisp
guicho271828/cl-sat.glucose CL-SAT instance to Glucose state-of-the-art SAT solver. This downloads the later 2014 version (2nd in the 2014 SAT competition).
guicho271828/cl-sat.minisat CL-SAT binding to MINISAT2 @
guicho271828/cl-smt Common Interface to SMT (Satisfiable Module Theories) solvers from Common Lisp
guicho271828/eazy-gnuplot Super Duper Doopa Booka Lispy Gnuplot library
guicho271828/eazy-opencl OpenCL binding for Common Lisp
guicho271828/eazy-process Yet Another Portable Library for Process Handling / Subshell Invokation
guicho271828/eazy-project Boost your development!
guicho271828/file-local-variable File-local variable independent from ASDF
guicho271828/immutable-struct Simple library that encourage the use of functional programming + pattern matching.
guicho271828/inlined-generic-function Bringing the speed of Static Dispatch to CLOS
guicho271828/inner-conditional Series of macros which optimizes the inner conditional jumps of looping, iterating, anything
guicho271828/lisp-namespace no more discussion on lisp-1 vs lisp-2. THIS IS LISP-N.
guicho271828/trivia Pattern Matcher Compatible with Optima
gwkkwg/cl-mathstats An unordered collection of mathematical routines
gwkkwg/dynamic-classes Classes how you want them, when you want them
gwkkwg/lift LIsp Framework for Testing
gwkkwg/metabang-bind bind is let and much much more
gwkkwg/metatilities metabang's utilities... - Now where is that kitchen sink...
gwkkwg/metatilities-base metabang's core utilities... - Something to stand on
gwkkwg/tinaa Tinaa is a flexible and general purpose Lisp documentation system.
gwkkwg/trivial-backtrace Portable simple API to work with backtraces in Common Lisp
HackerTheory/cl-gltf2 A loader for glTF2 (OpenGL Transmission Format) files.
hackertheory/pngload A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed.
HackerTheory/pngload A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed.
hackinghat/cl-mysql Common Lisp MySQL library
handicraftsman/water An ES6-compatible class definition for ParenScript
hanshuebner/temporary-file Common Lisp temporary file creation library
hanshuebner/xhtmlgen XHTML generation macros, derivative of Franz Inc.'s net.htmlgen
hanshuebner/yason Common Lisp JSON serializer written with simplicity in mind
hargettp/hh-aws Common Lisp library for accessing Amazon Web Services APIs
hargettp/hh-redblack Implementation of red-black trees in Common Lisp, including a persistent red-black tree that uses an append-only strategy for recording changes in a text file
hargettp/hh-web Framework for building modern web applications in Lisp
HazenBabcock/cl-plplot A CFFI based interface to the PLplot scientific plotting library
hbock/cl-rrd RRDtool bindings for Common Lisp via CFFI.
HDFGroup/hdf5-cffi Common Lisp bindings for the HDF5 library using CFFI
heegaiximephoomeeghahyaiseekh/lisp-binary A library to easily read and write complex binary formats.
Hexstream/anaphoric-variants Gives access to anaphoric variants of operators through one macro: ANAPHORIC. The user explicitly provides a variable name, preserving sanity, in contrast to the traditional use of an evil implicit variable ("IT"). Some operators can bind additional handy variables when explicitly requested. (Formerly called "explicit-anaphora".)
Hexstream/bubble-operator-upwards A function that "bubbles an operator upwards" in a form, demultiplexing all alternative branches by way of cartesian product. This operation is notably useful for easy implementation of certain kinds of shorthand notations in macros. A cartesian-product function is also exported, as it's needed to implement the main function.
Hexstream/cartesian-product-switch A macro for choosing the appropriate form to execute according to the combined results of multiple tests. This is a straightforward and efficient alternative to the convoluted ad-hoc conditionals one might otherwise resort to.
Hexstream/cesdi Provides a compute-effective-slot-definition-initargs generic function that allows for more ergonomic initialization of effective slot definition objects.
Hexstream/class-options Provides easy access to the defining class and its options during initialization or reinitialization of its subcomponents.
Hexstream/clhs This installation helper makes it even easier to install a copy of the CLHS locally. (ql:quickload "clhs").
Hexstream/compatible-metaclasses Validates superclasses according to a simple substitution model, thereby greatly simplifying the definition of class mixins.
Hexstream/definitions-systems Provides a simple unified extensible way of processing named definitions.
Hexstream/enhanced-boolean Provides a canonical way of converting generalized booleans to booleans.
Hexstream/enhanced-eval-when Provides an enhanced EVAL-WHEN macro that supports (eval-when t ...) as a shorthand for (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) ...), addressing concerns about verbosity. An ENHANCED-EVAL-WHEN alias is also supported, as well as an EVAL-ALWAYS macro and package nickname, for good measure.
Hexstream/enhanced-find-class Provides a canonical way of converting class designators to classes.
Hexstream/enhanced-multiple-value-bind Provides an enhanced MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND macro that adds support for lambda keywords by expanding to a MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL when necessary. This makes catching multiple-value &rest and &key much more lightweight and convenient. A MULTIPLE-VALUE-&BIND alias is supported.
Hexstream/evaled-when Provides a way of extracting and replicating the compile-time side-effects of forms.
Hexstream/fakenil Provides a canonical stand-in for NIL for contexts where NIL means "no value".
Hexstream/first-time-value Returns the result of evaluating a form in the current lexical and dynamic context the first time it's encountered, and the cached result of that computation on subsequent evaluations.
Hexstream/incognito-keywords Introduces a new kind of keyword that looks just like any non-keyword symbol and allows safe usage of convenient but clashy symbol names by multiple libraries without conflicts through sharing. Some names that might benefit are (alist blist plist macro operator index &doc &decl &rest+ &destructure &ignored &ignorable).
Hexstream/its Provides convenient access to multiple values of an object in a concise, explicit and efficient way.
Hexstream/macro-level MACRO-LEVEL is an embarrassingly trivial convenience macro that saves on indentation while being more concise and direct. (macro-level ...) == (macrolet ((m () ...)) (m))
Hexstream/map-bind MAP-BIND is a macro that allows visual grouping of variables with their corresponding values (not necessarily 1:1) in calls to mapping operators when using an inline LAMBDA. It does so in a way that automatically supports virtually every existing and future mapping operator, all lambda keywords and FUNCALL/APPLY/MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL variations.
Hexstream/multiple-value-variants Gives access to multiple-value variants of operators through one macro: MULTIPLE-VALUE. There are built-in variants for some standard operators; it's easy to create your own variants for other operators. The multiple-value mapping operators are especially useful.
Hexstream/parse-number-range Parses LOOP's convenient "for-as-arithmetic" syntax into 5 simple values: from, to, limit-kind (:inclusive, :exclusive or nil if unbounded), by (step) and direction (+ or -)). Further related utilities are provided. Intended for easy implementation of analogous functionality in other constructs.
Hexstream/place-modifiers place-modifiers essentially gives access to hundreds of modify-macros through one single macro: MODIFY.
Hexstream/place-utils Provides a few utilities relating to setfable places.
Hexstream/positional-lambda positional-lambda is a concise, intuitive and flexible syntax (macro) for trivial lambdas that eschews explicit (and often contextually-redundant) naming of parameter variables in favor of positional references, with support for a used or ignored &rest parameter and automatic declaration of ignored parameters when logical "gaps" are left in the positional references. Further convenience features are provided.
Hexstream/simple-guess Defines a simple extensible protocol for computing a guess using advisors.
Hexstream/symbol-namespaces Defines a new kind of package that's named by a symbol rather than a string and that maps from existing symbols to their respective "implicitly managed" counterparts. The motivating use-case is to conceptually allow multiple definitions of the same kind on a single symbol, without conflicts.
Hexstream/trivial-jumptables Provides efficient O(1) jumptables on supported Common Lisp implementations and falls back to O(log(n)) on others.
Hexstream/with-output-to-stream Provides a simple way of directing output to a stream according to the concise and intuitive semantics of FORMAT's stream argument.
Hexstream/with-shadowed-bindings Establishes a new lexical context within which specified bindings are explicitly shadowed, making it clear that they are not referenced within, thereby reducing cognitive load.
hipeta/cl-singleton-mixin Cl-singleton-mixin provides singleton mixin in Common Lisp
hipeta/metap Metap provides metaclass propagation along class inheritance structure in Common Lisp
html/clache General Caching Facility for Common Lisp
html/clsql-fluid clsql-fluid working separate version
html/firephp FirePHP protocol implementation in Common Lisp
html/weblocks-examples Example applications for Weblocks framework
html/weblocks-prototype-js Weblocks JavaScript-backend, connecting it to PrototypeJs library
html/weblocks-utils Collection of utilities that I use in my weblocks projects
hu-dwim/hu.dwim.sdl Common Lisp FFI for (SDL2), using cffi/c2ffi.
hu-dwim/hu.dwim.zlib Common Lisp FFI for, using cffi/c2ffi.
ichimal/cl-performance-tuning-helper A simple performance tuning helper tool box for Common Lisp
ichimal/infix-dollar-reader Infix $ operator for reduce redundant paranthesis
ichimal/petit.package-utils Petit utilities for packaging
ichimal/petit.string-utils A toolbox Common Lisp about string modification
Inaimathi/cl-mop Some basic, portable CLOS-related tools.
inaimathi/cl-notebook A notebook-style editor for Common Lisp
inaimathi/fact-base Implementation of fact bases for Common Lisp
Inaimathi/formlets Automatically validating formlets for Hunchentoot + cl-who
inaimathi/house Minimal asynchronous CL web server
Inaimathi/session-token A simple custom alphabet session-token generator built on top of the ISAAC CSPRNG
inaimathi/test-utils Convenience functions and macros for testing Common Lisp applications via Prove and Quickcheck
incjung/cl-swagger-codegen lisp code generator for swagger
informatimago/abnotation Clone of
informatimago/cljail Common Lisp running in a chroot jail.
informatimago/commands The commands implemented in Common Lisp that were in have been moved here and are compiled into a common image.
informatimago/demo-cgi-lisp A little demonstration CGI written in Common Lisp (clisp).
informatimago/gsharp Clone of Fork of gshap.
informatimago/hangman-cocoa-lisp Hangman game, implemented in Common Lisp on Cocoa.
informatimago/hw Hello World, in various programming languages.
informatimago/ipcode Support code and example code for initiation to programming with common lisp.
informatimago/lisp Clone of Informatimago Common Lisp Library Documentation at
informatimago/midi Fork of the midi library used by gsharp, for abnotation and patchwork.
informatimago/midi-transform Clone of: Little CoreMIDI macOS CLI program to convert MIDI CC into SysEx to control a Korg DW-8000 synthesizer from an Alesis VI61 controller.
informatimago/nasium-lse Clone of Implementation of the old French programming language Langage Symbolique d'Enseignement, LSE.
informatimago/schmidt Clone of
informatimago/scquery IAS-ECC Smartcard Authentication Certificate ID and UPN extractor.
inters/geneva Geneva: portable document preparation system
jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.generic-collection-interface generic collection interface implementing list, vector, and dictionary-like abstractions
jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.iterate-plus extensions to iterate for consuming seqs and iterators in common lisp
jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.iterator-protocol simple iteration protocol for common lisp
jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.protocols simple clojure style protocols for common lisp
jaredcdavis/shellpool Running external programs from Common Lisp
jasom/clinenoise Straight port of linenoise to Common Lisp
jdz/rfc2388 An implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp
jech/cl-yacc Common Lisp Yacc
jesseoff/cl-zyre Zyre and ZeroMQ utilities for Common Lisp
jesseoff/ratmath Utilities for Rational Numbers in Common Lisp (rational approximations and interval arithmetic)
jesseoff/xcat XCAT is a system to avoid overloading a single server when large files are downloaded simultaneously by multiple clients
jhanley634/tap-unit-test Test Anything Protocol reporting for Chris Riesbeck's excellent and very simple lisp-unit package.
jingtaozf/literate-lisp a literate programming tool to write common lisp codes in org mode.
jkordani/cl-sl4a Common Lisp package for working with Scripting Language for Android (SL4A). Allows for live REPL interaction with a running Android system. Available in quicklisp
jl2/stl Read binary triangle data from STL files.
jl2/utm Lisp library for converting between latitude/longitude and UTM.
jlahd/clods-export Common Lisp OpenDocument spreadsheet export library
jlowder/prbs Pseudo-random binary sequence generators (LFSR-2 and LFSR-4) in Common Lisp.
jmbr/incf-cl A collection of convenience functions and macros for Common Lisp
jnjcc/cl-qrencode QR code 2005 encoder in Common Lisp
joachifm/cl-mechanize WWW::Mechanize work-alike for Common Lisp
joachifm/cl-webkit A binding to WebKitGTK+ for Common Lisp
joaotavora/sly Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE
joaotavora/sly-named-readtables NAMED-READTABLES support for SLY
johanlindberg/lisa This is a fork of
johnfredcee/cl-tuples Library for generating optimised vector math functions for Common Lisp.
jollheef/cl-logic Boolean algebra package for common lisp
jorams/cl-shellwords Common Lisp library to escape strings for the shell, or split strings according to shell rules.
jorams/pludeck Practically Lenient and Unimpressive DOM Element Construction Kit
JordanPowell/cl-simple-concurrent-jobs A simple API for running concurrent jobs in Common Lisp
jorgetavares/zsort zsort is a collection of portable sorting algorithms in Common Lisp.
jpcima/cl-why (X)HTML generation macros, fork of CL-WHO
jpcima/narrowed-types Type definitions narrowed with predicates
jperson/cl-poker-eval Common lisp 7 card poker hand evaluation. Evaluation based on pokersource.
jperson/cl-reddit Common lisp reddit api wrapper
jschatzer/clim-pkg-doc package documentation with clim
jschatzer/clim-widgets small collection of clim widgets
jschatzer/nsort Natural or Numeric Sort
jschatzer/perlre perl regular expression api - m// and s/// - for CL-PPCRE with CL-INTERPOL support
jsmpereira/cl-scribd Common Lisp Client for Scribd API
jwiegley/periods Common Lisp library for manipulating date/time objects at a higher level
kaiserprogrammer/marshal simply dump and load lisp objects without configuration
Kalimehtar/cl-table GtkTreeStore-like tables with sorting, selecting and rows hierarchy
Kalimehtar/gtk-cffi GTK3 CFFI binding
Kalimehtar/message-oo Message-passing Smalltalk-style object system
kanru/cl-mustache Common Lisp Mustache Template Renderer
karvus/trivial-irc Trivial IRC client library for Common Lisp
KDr2/sb-fastcgi FastCGI low-level API and WSGI-Style API for SBCL
KeenS/zenekindarl A fast template engine for Common Lisp
keithj/deoxybyte-systems Utilities for Common Lisp ASDF systems.
kennytilton/qooxlisp The Last Web App Framework You Will Ever Evaluate: qooxdoo, Lisp, and Cells
kennytilton/utils-kt Generic hacks used in any project
kevinlynx/ext-blog ext-blog is a common lisp blog engine. It supports custom theme and you can port a WordPress theme for it.
kevinlynx/image Image is an image-drawing with a few drawing primitives (circles, ellipses, lines, rectangles, text). It currently has code for "dumping" an image to either X11 drawables or GIF files (via Skippy). It currently only has a single font available for drawing text, but it should be possible to extend the font handling to load fonts from other formats.
kevinlynx/kl-verify generate a very simple verify code picture
kevinlynx/restas.file-publisher A restas module to publish static files
kingcons/coleslaw Flexible Lisp Blogware
kisp/toadstool Toadstool is a library for pattern matching
kiuma/thread-pool A simple Common Lisp thread pool
kkazuo/openid-key Get OpenID keys from issuer.
kkazuo/slack-client Slack Real Time Messaging API Client
kkazuo/thread.comm.rendezvous Rendezvous thread synchronization
kmx-io/cl-debug Cross-package debugging facility.
koji-kojiro/matplotlib-cl A 2D plotting library for Common Lisp using Matplotlib.
kraison/cl-neo4j interface to neo4j for Common Lisp
kraison/cl-skip-list Lockless skip lists for Common Lisp; well, for now sbcl 1.0.42 or higher. Contributions for other Lisps welcome. See the README file for a list of what is required.
krzysz00/clos-diff Library to create differences of CLOS objects
krzysz00/dlist A Common Lisp library that implements doubly-linked lists
k-stz/cl-ptrace live process hacking - lisp bindings to ptrace()
laynor/clx-xembed cl(x) xembed protocol implementation
libre-man/unix-opts Unix-style command line options parser
lisp/de.setf.wilbur a fork of net.sourceforge.wilbur updated for mcl and sbcl
lispgames/cl-sdl2 Common Lisp bindings for SDL2 using C2FFI.
lispgames/cl-sdl2-image SDL_image 2.0 wrapper
lispgames/cl-sdl2-mixer Bindings for SDL2_mixer
lispgames/glkit OpenGL utilities for math, shaders, etc.
lispgames/glop Direct FFI bindings for OpenGL window and context management
lispgames/mathkit Pure math functions useful for games, 3D, and GL in general.
lispgames/sdl2kit Utility kit for CL-SDL2
lisp-mirror/nodgui Tk bindings -
lispnik/cd This is PRE-ALPHA, move along.
lispnik/iup Common Lisp CFFI bindings to the IUP Portable User Interface library (pre-ALPHA)
lispnik/tecgraf-libs Common Lisp download helper for Tecgraf libraries (IUP, CD and IM)
lispy-stuff/clite Lite weight testing framework
llibra/percent-encoding RFC 3986 percent-encoding library
lmj/global-vars Define efficient global variables in Common Lisp.
lmj/lfarm Distribute work across machines using the lparallel API.
lmj/lparallel Parallelism for Common Lisp
lokedhs/cl-rabbit RabbitMQ interface to Common Lisp
lokedhs/docbrowser Browse Common Lisp docstrings
lokedhs/hunchentoot-single-signon SPNEGO implementation for Hunchentoot
Lovesan/trivial-bit-streams Flexible buffered bit streams
luksamuk/cl-ann Artificial Neural Network implementation in Common Lisp
luksamuk/cl-hackasm Assembler for the nand2tetris Hack platform
luksamuk/cl-hackvmtr VM Translator for the nand2tetris Hack platform
lvaruzza/cl-randist Random number generation for common lisp
m2ym/cl-syntax Reader Syntax Coventions for Common Lisp and SLIME
m2ym/optima Optimized Pattern Matching Library for Common Lisp
mabragor/cl-splicing-macro Macro, that actually inject several forms into surrounding macros, not just PROGN
mabragor/cl-vhdl Parser of VHDL into lisp-expressions
mabragor/cl-yaclyaml Yet Another Common Lisp YaML processor
mabragor/esrap-liquid Common Lisp packrat parser
mabragor/quasiquote-2.0 Quasiquote more suitable for macros that define other macros
madnificent/cl-recaptcha Straightforward Common Lisp interconnection
madnificent/database-migrations Migrations for Common Lisp
madnificent/intercom high-level bidirectional communication channel between javascript and lisp+hunchentoot
madnificent/jsown reader/writer for the JSON format in common lisp
madnificent/SEXML extensible library for outputting XML based on DTDs and s-expressions
malcolmstill/cl-wayland Common Lisp bindings for libwayland
marcoheisig/cl-mpi MPI bindings for Common Lisp with many useful extras
marcoheisig/Petalisp Elegant High Performance Computing
marcoheisig/restricted-functions Reasoning about functions with restricted argument types.
marcoheisig/simplified-types Simplification of Common Lisp type specifiers.
marcoheisig/the-cost-of-nothing Determine the cost of things in Common Lisp.
marijnh/cl-tk Shallow Tcl/Tk bindings for Common Lisp
marijnh/ieee-floats Common Lisp IEEE-754 float en- and decoding
marijnh/parse-js A JavaScript parser in Common Lisp
marijnh/ST-JSON JSON for Common Lisp
markasoftware/gooptest A simulator-based microcontroller testing framework, focused on AVR and Arduino.
markcox80/specialization-store A different type of generic function for common lisp.
markcox80/template-function When code is a function of type.
MartinEnders/hl7-client Common Lisp HL7 Client Library
MartinEnders/hl7-parser Common Lisp HL7 Parser (encoder / decoder)
MartinEnders/what3words what3words is a common lisp wrapper for the api
martinkersner/cl-plot Plotting library for Common Lisp
martin-loetzsch/ht-simple-ajax Another Ajax library for Hunchentoot
masatoi/cl-online-learning A collection of machine learning algorithms for online linear classification written in Common Lisp
masatoi/cl-random-forest Random forest in Common Lisp
massung/csv CSV Parser for Common Lisp
massung/heap Binary Heap for Common Lisp
massung/huffman Huffman encoding/decoding of sequences in Common Lisp
massung/lazy Lazy forms in Common Lisp
massung/parse Monadic parsing for Common Lisp
massung/re Lua-style Pattern Matching for Common Lisp
massung/sha1 SHA1 Digest and HMAC for Common Lisp
massung/targa Targa Image Loading for Common Lisp
MatthewRock/cl-sandbox Utility package for creating safe experimental environment.
MatthewRock/cl-trie Common Lisp implementation of Trie data structure.
mbattyani/cl-pdf CL-PDF is a cross-platform Common Lisp library for generating PDF files.
mbrezu/cl-messagepack A Common Lisp implementation of Message Pack
mcandre/cl-quickcheck cl-quickcheck - a Common Lisp port of the QuickCheck unit test framework
mck-/oneliner Extracts a one-liner from a piece of text.
mck-/Open-VRP Open-source framework for modeling Vehicle Routing Problems.
McParen/croatoan Common Lisp bindings for the ncurses terminal library.
melisgl/fsvd Common Lisp Funky Singular Value Decomposition library.
melisgl/lassie Common Lisp Latent Semantic Indexing library.
melisgl/mgl-pax Exploratory programming environment and documentation generator.
melisgl/micmac Common Lisp implementation of various AI/statistics related things.
melisgl/named-readtables The official repo of named-readtables.
metawilm/cl-python An implementation of Python in Common Lisp
mfiano/dungen A procedural dungeon generator
mfiano/flac-metadata A utility for reading metadata embedded in FLAC audio files.
mfiano/flac-parser A parser for FLAC audio file metadata.
mfiano/gamebox-math A high performance math library useful for making games.
mfiano/gamebox-sprite-packer A spritesheet packer for games.
mfiano/genie A simple wrapper to generate portably seedable pseudo-random numbers.
mfiano/golden-utils A collection of personal utilities that have been found useful.
mfiano/origin A native Lisp graphics math library with an emphasis on performance and correctness.
mfiano/parsley A toolset for parsing binary data formats.
mfiano/patchwork A spritesheet packer for games.
mfiano/pngload-fast A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed.
mfiano/shadow A lightweight system to help with defining and managing OpenGL shader programs.
mfiano/shorty Store data in a URL
mfiano/simple-logger A simple message logging system.
mfiano/stripe A client for the Stripe payment API
mgi/geowkt GeoWKT parser and database in Common Lisp
michaeljforster/cl-postgres-plus-uuid Common Lisp library providing a cl-postgres SQL reader for the PostgreSQL UUID type.
michaeljforster/http-get-cache Common Lisp library for caching HTTP GET responses
michaeljforster/hunchentools Hunchentoot and CL-WHO utility library
michaeljforster/postmodernity Utility library for the Common Lisp Postmodern library
michaeljforster/whofields HTML field rendering and input validation utilities written in Common Lisp
michaelw/regex Common Lisp regex package
mikelevins/folio The folio library of functional utilities for Common Lisp. folio provides a convenient subset of Bard semantics for use in Common Lisp programs.
mikelevins/folio2 new major version of folio
mishoo/cl-uglify-js JavaScript compressor/beautifier library for Common Lisp
mishoo/queen.lisp Chess utilities for Common Lisp
mmaul/clml Common Lisp Machine Learning Library
mmaul/cl-syslog Syslog logging library for Common Lisp
mmontone/burgled-batteries.syntax Embedded Python syntax for burgled-batteries
mmontone/cl4store 4store Common Lisp HTTP bindings
mmontone/clavier :heavy_check_mark: General purpose validation library for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-forms Web forms handling library for Common lisp
mmontone/cl-graylog Common Lisp Graylog client library
mmontone/cl-peppol PEPPOL invoicing code lists for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-rest-server Serve REST APIs from Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-sentry-client Sentry client for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-sparql SPARQL query builder for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-xul Mozilla XUL bindings for Common Lisp
mmontone/descriptions Meta level descriptions library for Common Lisp
mmontone/djula Common Lisp port of the Django templating language
mmontone/docstring-parser A Common Lisp docstring parser
mmontone/duologue High level user interaction library for Common Lisp
mmontone/easy-routes Yet another routes handling utility on top of Hunchentoot
mmontone/erudite :green_book: Literate Programming System for Common Lisp
mmontone/fmt Extensible text formatting facility for Common Lisp
mmontone/generic-serializer Common api for serializing data to different formats (JSON, XML, etc)
mmontone/hunchentoot-errors Augments Hunchentoot error pages and logs with request and session information.
mmontone/schemata Schema serialization, validation and parsing for Common Lisp
mmontone/simple-doc Simple documentation generator for Common Lisp
mmontone/sxql-composer Build and compose SXQL queries dynamically
mmontone/ten Yet another template system for Common Lisp
m-n/repl-utilities Ease common tasks at the REPL.
mohindertalafuse/lispmath A math function-pack for lisp
mpasternacki/curly Common Lisp reader macros for easy function currying and composition
mprelude/cl-scram Library to implement SCRAM-SHA1 in common lisp.
mrc/lhstats Statistical functions in Common Lisp
mrossini-ethz/parseq Parseq is a library for Common Lisp used for parsing sequences such as strings and lists using parsing expression grammars.
mrossini-ethz/physical-quantities A common lisp library that provides a numeric type with optional unit and/or uncertainty for computations with automatic error propagation.
mrwhythat/bp Bitcoin Protocol components in Common Lisp
mtravers/mtlisp Assorted Lisp utilities developed and curated by Mike Travers (
mtravers/wuwei WuWei -- effortless Ajax web UIs from Common Lisp
mtstickney/cl-mtgnet Common Lisp client library for the MTGNet RPC protocol
mtstickney/cl-netstring-plus CL-NETSTRING+ is a library for working with modified netstrings.
mtstickney/oe-encode An implementation of Progress' ENCODE() function in Common Lisp.
mtstickney/trivial-debug-console Better console behavior for GUI Lisp apps on Windows
mtstickney/weft A simple network server framework.
multimethod/cl-sophia Common Lisp high-level API for Sophia key-value storage
muyinliu/cl-ssdb SSDB client for Common Lisp
mv2devnul/taglib Pure Lisp implementation of reading M4A/MP3 tags
nahiluhmot/cl-parallel A parallelism library for Common Lisp.
nakrakiiya/cl-prime-maker A simple package to generate big prime numbers.
nallen05/pretty-function utility for making functions and closures pprint useful information
naryl/cl-tui A Common Lisp library for text user interfaces
naryl/dithcord Modular Discord bot library
naryl/dithcord-tui Non-automated bot (or optionally a client) for Discord using ncurses.
naveensundarg/Common-Lisp-Actors An actor system for Common Lisp.
ndantam/s-protobuf Protocol Buffers in Common Lisp
ndantam/sycamore A fast, purely functional data structure library in Common Lisp.
neil-lindquist/CI-Utils Utilities for running Common Lisp on CI platforms
neil-lindquist/linear-programming A Common Lisp library for solving linear programming problems
neil-lindquist/linear-programming-glpk GLPK backend for the linear-programming library
neonsquare/mel-base A versatile mail library for common lisp
Neronus/clesh CLESH a very short and simple program, written in Common Lisp, that extends Common Lisp to embed shell code in a manner similar to perl's backtick.
nikodemus/ec2 Clone of tarball, with unofficial hackery on top.
nikodemus/pileup A simple thread-safe binary heap implementation for Common Lisp. MIT licence.
nikodemus/sb-cga Computer graphics algebra library for SBCL
nikodemus/sb-vector-io Writing and reading raw vector data in SBCL
nikodemus/screamer Screamer is an extension of Common Lisp that adds support for nondeterministic programming.
nilqed/cltcl Embed Tcl/Tk scripts in Common Lisp
nilqed/SNARK SNARK - SRI's New Automated Reasoning Kit
nklein/FFT Common Lisp FFT Library
nlamirault/cletris A Tetris game written in Common Lisp
nlamirault/climc A Common Lisp Instant Messaging Client.
nlamirault/climon A Simon game written in Common Lisp
nlamirault/ernestine Ernestine is a music management application in McClim.
nmunro/cfmt A small common lisp library for coloring and styling ascii text
nmunro/meq Some common lisp equality macros for making eq, eql etc narity
noloop/conf Simple configuration file manipulator for projects in Common Lisp.
noloop/eventbus An event bus in Common Lisp.
noloop/simplet Simple test runner in Common Lisp.
noloop/skeleton-creator Create projects from a skeleton directory.
npatrick04/fixed Common Lisp fixed-point number type
npatrick04/rate-monotonic A periodic thread scheduling library.
npatrick04/rt-events A Common Lisp Real-Time (like) event library for multi-threaded applications
npatrick04/terminfo A terminfo database front end in Common Lisp. Based on terminfo by Paul Foley.
npatrick04/timer-wheel A portable single-layer timer wheel implementation.
numcl/constantfold User-defined constant folding facility
numcl/gtype C++/Julia-like parametric types in CL, based on CLtL2 extensions
numcl/numcl Numpy clone in Common Lisp
numcl/specialized-function Julia-like dispatch for Common Lisp
oconnore/queues A Common Lisp queue library with features such as non-consing thread safe queues and fibonacci priority queues
OdonataResearchLLC/floating-point A Common Lisp library with functions for calculating the error between and predicates for determining the equality of 2 floating point numbers.
OdonataResearchLLC/lisp-unit A Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.
opsresearch/cl-marklogic CL-Marklogic is a Lisp system for optimizing MarkLogic clusters.
opsresearch/cl-opsresearch CL-OpsResearch is a Lisp system for machine learning, optimization, and analytics.
orivej/defmemo Memoizing defun
orivej/pzmq ZeroMQ 3.2+ Common Lisp bindings.
orthecreedence/cl-mongo-id MongoDB ObjectId generator/parser for Common Lisp
orthecreedence/cl-rethinkdb RethinkDB driver for Common Lisp
orthecreedence/drakma-async An asynchronous version of drakma that runs off of cl-async
orthecreedence/event-glue A compact, extendable eventing fabric.
orthecreedence/glu-tessellate A simple triangulation engine that wraps around GLU's tessellation system.
orthecreedence/http-parse An HTTP protocol parser in Common Lisp
orthecreedence/ Markdown for Common Lisp
orthecreedence/vom A tiny logging library for Common Lisp
osicat/osicat Osicat is a lightweight operating system interface for Common Lisp
paddymul/css-lite a css grammar for lisp
patzy/glaw OpenGL based Common Lisp game toolkit
pcostanza/closer-mop Closer to MOP is a compatibility layer that rectifies many of the absent or incorrect CLOS MOP features across a broad range of Common Lisp implementations.
pcostanza/contextl ContextL is a CLOS extension for Context-oriented Programming (COP), and was the first language extension that explicitly supports COP when it was originally introduced in 2005.
pcostanza/filtered-functions Filtered functions provide an extension of CLOS generic function invocation that add a simple preprocessing step before the actual method dispatch is performed and thus enable the use of arbitrary predicates for selecting and applying methods.
pcostanza/lw-compat A few utility functions from the LispWorks library that I regularly use, ported to other Common Lisp implementations.
pfdietz/cover The COVER coverage package for Common Lisp
phantomics/april The APL programming language (a subset thereof) compiling to Common Lisp.
phoe/cl-lzma Common Lisp CFFI wrapper around a LZMA foreign library
phoe/destructuring-bind-star DESTRUCTURING-BIND with proper error signaling
phoe/everblocking-stream A stream that always blocks and never has data available.
phoe/external-symbol-not-found Portability library for detecting reader errors coming from reading non-existing or non-external symbols in packages
phoe-krk/pseudonyms A reader-macro way to create non-destructive nicknames within portable Common Lisp
phoe/lorem-ipsum Lorem ipsum generator in portable Common Lisp
phoe/petri Implementation of Petri nets in Common Lisp
phoe/phoe-toolbox Personal utility library
phoe/protest PROtocol and TESTcase manager
phoe/qtools-commons DEPRECATED - Qtools utility functions
phoe/safe-read A variant of READ secure against internbombing, excessive input and macro characters.
phoe/skippy-renderer GIF renderer for SKIPPY
phoe/wordnet Common Lisp interface to WordNet - modernized
pinterface/clavatar Determine URL of an avatar (e.g., gravatar, libravatar, unicornify) by identifier (e-mail address, OpenID URL)
pkhuong/Napa-FFT3 Faster, bit-reversed, FFT in CL
pkhuong/string-case Excessive macro that generates decision trees for small sets of strings
pkhuong/Xecto 80% xectors
plkrueger/CommonLispFred Lisp Interface to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED®)
plotnick/clweb A literate programming system for Common Lisp.
pmai/Deflate Native Deflate Decompression for Common Lisp
pmai/md5 Common Lisp implementation of the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321)
pmai/sha3 Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (Keccak) Implementation in Common Lisp
pnathan/cl-yahoo-finance Common Lisp library for accessing Yahoo Finance
pnathan/generic-comparability implementation of cdr-8
pnathan/pp-toml Paul's Parser for Tom's Own Minimal Language
pocket7878/kebab Common Lisp string,symbol,keyword PascalCase <=> camelCase <=> snake_case <=> kebab-case(lisp-case) converter.
privet-kitty/dufy Color library for Common Lisp
privet-kitty/wild-package-inferred-system introduces wildcard into ASDF package-inferred-system
projectured/projectured ProjecturEd is a generic purpose projectional editor.
psilord/cl-mw A Common Lisp Master-Worker Library for Distributed Computation
pupcraft/sucle Common Lisp Voxel Game Engine
pve1/incongruent-methods Methods with incongruent lambda lists.
qitab/cl-protobufs Common Lisp protocol buffer implementation.
qitab/qmynd QITAB MySQL Native Driver for Common Lisp
quasi/cl-memcached Fast, thread-safe interface to the Memcached object caching system.
quasi/pooler A Simple, Thread-Safe Pooling Library for Common Lisp.
quek/paiprolog forked Christophe Rhodes's PAIProlog that an update of Peter Norvig's "Prolog in Common Lisp".
quek/simple-date-time date and time library for common lisp
quicklisp/quicklisp-client Quicklisp client.
quicklisp/quicklisp-slime-helper Helper library for easy Quicklisp SLIME setup
RailsOnLisp/rol-assets RailsOnLisp asset pipeline
RailsOnLisp/rol-files RailsOnLisp filesystem toolbox
RailsOnLisp/rol-log RailsOnLisp logging facility
RailsOnLisp/rol-server RailsOnLisp app server
RailsOnLisp/rol-template RailsOnLisp template engine
RailsOnLisp/rol-uri RailsOnLisp URI utilities
RailsOnLisp/thot Threaded HTTP server in Common Lisp.
ralph-schleicher/codata-recommended-values CODATA recommended values of physical constants for Common Lisp.
ralph-schleicher/open-location-code An Open Location Code library for Common Lisp.
ralph-schleicher/read-number Reading numbers from an input stream without using the Lisp reader.
Ralt/fs-watcher Watches for filesystem changes.
ralt/network-addresses A network addresses manipulation library
Ralt/restful REST APIs made easy
Ramarren/cl-parser-combinators An experimental implementation of parser combinators in Common Lisp
Ramarren/png-read A PNG decoder for Common Lisp
Ramarren/unit-formula Common Lisp library for unit conversions and unit verified formulas
redline6561/cl-scrobbler A Common Lisp library for scrobbling to
redline6561/colorize A Syntax Highlighting library
redline6561/romreader A library for reading game roms.
ReinUsesLisp/cl-pixman Common Lisp bindings for Pixman using CFFI
rigetticomputing/cmu-infix Updated of the CMU AI repository, originally written by Mark Kantrowitz
rigetti/magicl Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp.
rigetti/quilc The @rigetti optimizing Quil compiler.
rigetti/qvm The @rigetti high-performance quantum virtual machine.
rigetti/rpcq The RPC framework and message specification for Rigetti QCS.
rmhsilva/mtif A Common Lisp interface to the Apple multitouch trackpad
rmhsilva/oook OOOK! Streamlined relational database interfacing for Common Lisp
rmhsilva/semantic-spinneret A set of Semantic UI components for Spinneret
RobBlackwell/cl-riff Reads Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) files from Common Lisp.
RobBlackwell/cl-sentiment A sentiment analysis library for Common Lisp.
RobBlackwell/cl-wav Provides a cross platform reader for the WAV file format, implemented in Common Lisp.
RobBlackwell/spellcheck Peter Norvig's spell corrector for Common Lisp.
robert-strandh/Clobber A simpler alternative to object prevalence for Common Lisp.
robert-strandh/Clump A collection of trees for a variety of purposes.
robert-strandh/eclector A Common Lisp reader that can adapt to different implementations, and that can return Concrete Syntax Trees
robert-strandh/Stealth-mixin Common Lisp library for creating stealth mixin classes
rodentrabies/bp Bitcoin Protocol components in Common Lisp
roerd/cl-rsvg2 Common Lisp binding to the RSVG Library for rendering SVGs onto Cairo surfaces (fork of cl-rsvg)
rolpereira/trivial-dump-core trivial-dump-core is a small wrapper that provides a common interface between Lisp implementations for the creation of Lisp cores and executables
roswell/mystic A modular project skeleton generator
rotatef/gettext A port of gettext runtime to Common Lisp
rotatef/json-streams Common Lisp library for reading and writing JSON.
rotatef/secret-values A Common Lisp library to reduce the risk of accidentally revealing secret values such as passwords.
rpav/defpackage-plus DEFPACKAGE-PLUS is an *extensible* DEFPACKAGE variant with version support
rpav/dynamic-mixins Simple, dynamic class combination for CLOS.
rpav/fast-io Fast octet-vector/stream I/O for Common Lisp
rpav/spatial-trees spatial-trees is a set of dynamic index data structures for spatially-extended data.
rpav/trivial-channels Very simple thread-safe channels with timeout
rudolfochrist/cl-ohm An object-hash mapping for Redis in Common Lisp
Rudolph-Miller/clipper File attachment library.
Rudolph-Miller/dyna Dyna is an AWS DynamoDB ORM for Common Lisp.
Rudolph-Miller/elb-log ELB log manager.
Rudolph-Miller/integral-rest REST APIs for Integral DAO Table.
Rudolph-Miller/jonathan JSON encoder and decoder.
ruricolist/cl-murmurhash The 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp.
ruricolist/cl-strftime Common Lisp compiler for the strftime language
ruricolist/cl-yesql Common Lisp library for using SQL
ruricolist/floating-point-contractions Numerically stable contractions (expm1 and friends).
ruricolist/FXML Fork of CXML
ruricolist/horner Inline polynomial evaluation using Horner's rule
ruricolist/infix-math An extensible infix syntax for math in Common Lisp.
ruricolist/media-types Query and compare media types
ruricolist/moira Monitor and restart background threads.
ruricolist/random-sample Take a random sample from a sequence
ruricolist/spinneret Common Lisp HTML5 generator
ruricolist/vernacular Module system for languages embedded in Common Lisp
RyanHope/cl-netstrings Reading and writing netstrings from/to binary streams in Common Lisp
ryukinix/leraxandria A personal collection of functions, macros and programs written in Common Lisp
ryukinix/lisp-chat An experimental minimal chat written in Common Lisp
ryukinix/lisp-inference An Inference Engine based on Propositional Calculus written in Common Lisp
samebchase/hash-set An implementation of a hash-set.
sanel/magic-ed Editing facility for Common Lisp REPL
schani/clickr A Flickr client library for Common Lisp
scymtym/configuration.options Extensible, schema-based configuration system
scymtym/esrap Common Lisp packrat parser
scymtym/jenkins UNFINISHED Common Lisp bindings for Jenkins' REST API
scymtym/more-conditions Some general condition classes and signalling helpers
scymtym/parser.common-rules Esrap rules (and rule-generating macros) for common parsing tasks: whitespace, comments, literals, operators
scymtym/parser.ini Parser for ini-like configuration options
scymtym/utilities.binary-dump Functions for printing binary data (subset of the od(1) UNIX tool)
scymtym/utilities.print-items Composable printing of objects.
scymtym/xml.location Bind XPath-based locations to variables with extensible type-based to/from XML conversion
sellout/CL-LLVM CFFI bindings for LLVM
sellout/external-program A portable Common Lisp library for running external programs from within Lisp.
sellout/method-combination-utilities Various utilities to make use and creation of custom method combinations easier.
selwynsimsek/lisp-o-motive Common Lisp interface to Network Rail data feeds
sergadin/dbd-oracle Oracle database driver for cl-dbi
sfrank/minheap Implementation of several advanced heap data structures with priority queue and meld functionality in Common Lisp
sgarciac/gordon A common lisp library to create flash files programmatically
sgarciac/torta Torta shows you where your disk space is being used. Its user interface is similar to that of the program filelight. Unlike filelight, Torta does not need any graphical environment to run: it analyzes the file system directly and generates a Flash file that you can load locally or remotely on any Flash-supporting web browser.
shamazmazum/cl-wavelets Wavelet transform library
shamazmazum/cue-parser Simple common lisp cue parser
shamazmazum/easy-audio Flac decoder written in common lisp
shamazmazum/freebsd-sysctl FreeBSD's sysctl interface to common lisp
shamazmazum/jpeg-turbo Common Lisp wrapper for libjpeg-turbo
shamazmazum/mra-wavelet-plot Helper for plotting MRA-based wavelets
shamazmazum/neural-classifier My attempt to write classification library based on neural networks.
shamazmazum/perceptual-hashes Perceptual image hashing for Common Lisp
shamazmazum/vp-trees Vantage point trees for Common Lisp
shamazmazum/wavelet-audio Audio compressor which uses (4,2) CDF wavelet
sharplispers/clawk CLAWK is an AWK implementation embedded into Common Lisp, by Michael Parker. This version contains some patches to make it compile again.
sharplispers/closure-common closure-common is an internal helper library for the closure web browser
sharplispers/clx a fork of crhodes' fork of danb's fork of the CLX library, an X11 client for Common Lisp
sharplispers/conium A portability library for debugger- and compiler-related tasks in Common Lisp.
sharplispers/csv-parser Some hacks on top of Alain Picard's CSV parser
sharplispers/cxml Closure XML - A Common Lisp XML Parser
sharplispers/cxml-stp Fork of David Lichteblau's cxml-stp library
sharplispers/diff A Common Lisp library for computing differences between files
sharplispers/ironclad A cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp
sharplispers/let-plus destructuring extension of let*
sharplispers/linedit Readline-style line-editor for Common Lisp.
sharplispers/log4cl Common Lisp logging framework, modeled after Log4J
sharplispers/log5 A Common Lisp logging framework organized around five things: categories, outputs, senders, messages and contexts
sharplispers/montezuma Full-text indexing and search for Common Lisp
sharplispers/nibbles A Common Lisp library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data
sharplispers/parse-number PARSE-NUMBER is a library of functions for parsing strings into one of the standard Common Lisp number types without using the reader.
sharplispers/prepl prepl is a REPL implementation, also known as a Lisp listener
sharplispers/split-sequence SPLIT-SEQUENCE is a member of the Common Lisp Utilities family of programs, designed by community consensus.
sharplispers/xpath Common Lisp Implementation of the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0
sharplispers/yaclml Yet Another Common Lisp Markup Language, originally by Edward Marco Baringer
sharplispers/zlib Matthieu Villeneuve's zlib
Shinmera/3d-matrices A utility library implementing 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and NxM matrix functionality.
Shinmera/3d-vectors A library for 2D, 3D, and 4D vectors in CL.
Shinmera/array-utils A tiny collection of utilities to work with arrays and vectors.
Shinmera/atomics Portability layer for atomic operations like compare-and-swap (CAS)
Shinmera/cari3s A generator for the i3 status bar.
Shinmera/chirp A twitter client library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/classowary A Common Lisp implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving toolkit.
Shinmera/cl-gpio A library for the Linux GPIO kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi
Shinmera/clip A Common Lisp HTML templating engine.
Shinmera/cl-k8055 Interface to Velleman's K8055D USB kit
Shinmera/cl-spidev A library for the Linux SPIDEV kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi
Shinmera/clss CSS Like Simple Selectors. A Common Lisp DOM tree search engine based on CSS selectors.
Shinmera/colleen Common Lisp IRC bot with a modular framework.
Shinmera/colored A library for dealing with colours and colour spaces
Shinmera/com-on Utilities for dealing with COM-style interfaces, specifically under windows.
Shinmera/crypto-shortcuts Collection of common cryptography functions
Shinmera/deeds Deeds is an Extensible Event Delivery System
Shinmera/deferred A simple library allowing you to write code using deferred libraries.
Shinmera/deploy Deployment tools for standalone Common Lisp applications
Shinmera/dissect Common Lisp introspection library for the call stack and restarts
Shinmera/dns-client A pure-lisp DNS record client
Shinmera/documentation-utils A few simple tools to help you with documenting your library.
Shinmera/feeder RSS, Atom and general feed parsing and generating
Shinmera/file-select A library to invoke the native system file dialog to select or create files.
Shinmera/flare Easy particle systems with fine grained control.
Shinmera/float-features Portability library for IEEE float features that are not covered by the CL standard.
Shinmera/font-discovery Find and list system font files
Shinmera/for An extensible iteration macro library.
Shinmera/form-fiddle A collection of utilities to destructure lambda forms.
Shinmera/humbler A Common Lisp Tumblr API interface
Shinmera/iclendar iCalendar/RFC5545 file format library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/inkwell A client API for the Nintendo Splatoon Splatnet
Shinmera/lambda-fiddle A collection of utilities to process lambda-lists.
Shinmera/language-codes A simple library mapping ISO language codes to language names.
Shinmera/LASS Lisp Augmented Style Sheets
Shinmera/legit CL interface to the GIT binary.
Shinmera/lquery A Common Lisp library to allow jQuery-like HTML/DOM manipulation.
Shinmera/luckless Lockless data structures for Common Lisp
Shinmera/messagebox Display a native GUI message box
Shinmera/mmap Portable mmap (file memory mapping) utility library.
Shinmera/modularize A modularization framework for Common Lisp
Shinmera/modularize-hooks Generic hooks and triggers extension for modularize.
Shinmera/modularize-interfaces Programmatical interfaces extension for Modularize
Shinmera/multilang-documentation A drop-in replacement for cl:documentation with support for multiple languages.
Shinmera/multiposter Small application to post to multiple services simultaneously
Shinmera/north An oAuth 1.0a Server & Client, Successor of South
Shinmera/oxenfurt A Common Lisp client library for the Oxford dictionary API
Shinmera/pango-markup A small library to handle text markup in the Pango markup style.
Shinmera/parachute An extensible and cross-compatible testing framework.
Shinmera/pathname-utils A collection of utilities to help with pathname operations.
Shinmera/piping A Common Lisp library to enable simple message pipelines.
Shinmera/plump Practically Lenient and Unimpressive Markup Parser for Common Lisp
Shinmera/plump-bundle A fast binary storage format for Plump documents
Shinmera/plump-sexp Library to turn SEXPs into a Plump-DOM and back.
Shinmera/plump-tex Rudimentary parser turning TeX-like syntax into a Plump DOM.
Shinmera/qtools-ui Premade Qtools UI components
Shinmera/random-state A collection of portable random generators for Common Lisp
Shinmera/Ratify A collection of Common Lisp utilities to ratify, validate and parse inputs.
Shinmera/redirect-stream A level of indirection for streams, implemented as a gray-stream.
Shinmera/simple-inferiors A very simple common lisp library to use inferior processes.
Shinmera/simple-tasks A very simple task scheduling framework.
Shinmera/softdrink Common Lisp tools to inline or extract CSS into/from HTML.
Shinmera/south Simple OaUTH 1.0 library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/staple Common Lisp tool to generate documentation pages using an HTML template.
Shinmera/studio-client A common lisp client library for the Studio image gallery hosting software.
Shinmera/system-locale A library to retrieve the system's configured locale and language settings
Shinmera/tooter A Common Lisp client library for Mastodon instances.
Shinmera/trivial-benchmark Tiny Common Lisp library to do some quick benchmark tests
Shinmera/trivial-indent A very simple library to allow indentation hints for SWANK.
Shinmera/uax-14 An implementation of the Unicode Standard Annex #14 for standardised line breaking
Shinmera/uax-9 Implementation of the Unicode Standards Annex #9's bidirectional text algorithm
Shinmera/universal-config Common Lisp library to provide a universal configuration layer.
Shinmera/verbose A Common Lisp logging framework using the piping library.
Shirakumo/alloy A new user interface protocol and toolkit implementation
Shirakumo/cl-flac Bindings to libflac, a simple library to decode FLAC files.
Shirakumo/cl-fond Bindings to libfond, a simple text rendering engine for OpenGL
Shirakumo/cl-gamepad A native portability library for access to gamepads and joystick input devices
Shirakumo/cl-markless Markless processor for Common Lisp
Shirakumo/cl-mixed A simple audio mixing and processing library based on libmixed.
Shirakumo/cl-monitors Bindings to libmonitors, allowing the handling of monitor querying and resolution changing.
Shirakumo/cl-mpg123 Bindings to libmpg123, allowing fast MPG1/2/3 decoding.
Shirakumo/cl-out123 Bindings to libout123, allowing cross-platform audio output.
Shirakumo/cl-soloud Bindings to SoLoud, a multi-platform, multi-backend, minimal dependencies sound mixing and output library
Shirakumo/glsl-toolkit A parser for OpenGL Shader Language source files
Shirakumo/harmony A Common Lisp sound system
Shirakumo/lichat-ldap LDAP authentication for the Lichat server
Shirakumo/lichat-protocol Protocol definition and specification for the Lichat chat system
Shirakumo/lichat-serverlib Tools to help build a conforming server for the Lichat chat protocol
Shirakumo/lichat-tcp-client A simple TCP client implementation for lichat
Shirakumo/lichat-tcp-server A simple TCP server implementation for lichat.
Shirakumo/lichat-ws-server A simple WebSocket server implementation for lichat.
Shirakumo/terrable A file parser library for Terragen TER terrain files.
Shirakumo/trial Yet another Common Lisp game engine
sionescu/bordeaux-threads Portable shared-state concurrency for Common Lisp
sionescu/fiveam Common Lisp regression testing framework
sionescu/iolib Common Lisp I/O library
sionescu/static-vectors Allocate SIMPLE-ARRAYs in static memory
sionescu/swap-bytes Efficient endianness conversion for SBCL
sirherrbatka/cl-data-structures Data Structures and streaming algorithms for Common Lisp.
sirherrbatka/cl-progress-bar Progress bars, just like in quicklisp!
sirherrbatka/documentation-utils-extensions Set of extensions for documentation-utils
sirherrbatka/vellum Data Frames for Common Lisp
sjl/cl-pcg Permuted congruential generators in Common Lisp
skypher/cl-oauth OAuth for Common Lisp
slburson/fset FSet, the functional collections library for Common Lisp.
slime/slime The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slyrus/hunchentoot-cgi Run CGI scripts from the hunchentoot web server
slyrus/nuclblog A blog engine written in common lisp
slyrus/opticl-core Core classes and pixel access macros from opticl
slyrus/retrospectiff A library for reading and writing TIFF image files in common lisp
slyrus/time-interval Representation of periods of time such as 3 years, 4 months and 5 days.
smithzvk/cl-plumbing Some extra stream manipulation in Common Lisp.
smithzvk/cl-primality Testing if numbers are prime.
smithzvk/modf A setf like macro for functional programming
smithzvk/modf-fset FSet extensions to Modf
smithzvk/pythonic-string-reader A simple and unintrusive read table modification inspired by Python's three quote strings.
snmsts/cserial-port serial-port accessing library for common lisp
snmsts/daemon daemonize lisp process
snmsts/github-install not maintained. use ql-checkout
snmsts/practical-cl Source code for 'Practical Common Lisp' by Peter Seibel
soemraws/pack Python struct hack in Common Lisp written by Death
soemraws/parse-float Parse a floating point value from a string in Common Lisp.
sparkecho/cl-sdl2 CFFI bindings of SDL2 APIs.
stacksmith/gtk-tagged-streams Treat gtk-text-buffer as a stream for tagged input and output.
standin000/cl-paypal cl-paypal is a paypal express checkout Library in Common Lisp
stassats/inotify FFI to inotify(7) for Common Lisp
stumpwm/cl-xkeysym A package to helpfully convert between keycodes and pretty names
stumpwm/stumpwm The Stump Window Manager
svenvc/cl-s3 Simple Common Lisp client for Amazon AWS S3
svenvc/s-base64 A Common Lisp implementation of Base64 Encoding/Decoding
svenvc/s-http-client A Common Lisp HTTP Client.
svenvc/s-http-server A Common Lisp HTTP Server.
svenvc/s-sysdeps A Common Lisp abstraction layer over platform dependent functionality.
svenvc/s-utils A collection of Common Lisp utilities
svetlyak40wt/cl-jslog JSON log parser filter and formatter, written in Common Lisp
svetlyak40wt/cl-pgpass Pgpass parses PostgreSQL's credential files and returns passwords for given host/port/user/dbname
svetlyak40wt/els2020 This example was used to demonstrate how to load a project to
svspire/quickfork Quicklisp for Teams
takagi/cl-ply Cl-ply is a library to handle PLY format which is also known as the Stanford Triangle Format.
takagi/cl-reexport Reexport external symbols in other packages.
takagi/cl-voxelize Cl-voxelize is a library to convert polygon models into voxel models for particle-based physics simulation.
takagi/intel-hex A library for Common Lisp to handle Intel HEX format, which is a file format that conveys binary information in ASCII text form.
takagi/lake Lake is a GNU make like build utility in Common Lisp.
takagi/marching-cubes A marching cubes implementation based on Paul Bourke's
takagi/quadtree Quadtree data structure in Common Lisp
taksatou/cl-ltsv LTSV parser for common lisp
tamamu/glisph Glyph rendering engine using OpenGL shading language for Common Lisp.
tarballs-are-good/cl-permutation Permutations and permutation groups in Common Lisp.
tarballs-are-good/quickutil The solution to the Utility Library problem.
TatriX/cl-selenium-webdriver cl-selenim-webdriver is a binding library to the Selenium 2.0
tayloj/cl-rdfxml Common Lisp RDF/XML parser
telephil/cl-ascii-table Common Lisp API to present tabular data in ASCII-art tables
TeMPOraL/tracer Tracing profiler for Common Lisp
terminal625/utility Utility Library
tgutu/clunit CLUnit: A Common Lisp Unit Testing Framework.
thephoeron/let-over-lambda Doug Hoyte's "Production" version of macros from Let Over Lambda, ready for ASDF and Quicklisp.
TheRiver/L-MATH Mathematics for geometric applications
thezerobit/green-threads A lightweight thread / cooperative multitasking library for Common Lisp.
thodg/cfg Shared project configuration in Common Lisp.
thodg/cl-iso3166 Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions.
thodg/cl-iso4217 Codes for the representation of currencies and funds.
thodg/css-lexer CSS lexer as a cl-stream/token-stream
thodg/css-parser CSS level 3 parser in Common Lisp.
thodg/less-lexer LESS lexer classes for cl-stream
thodg/less-parser LESS parser
thodg/ruby-objects Ruby objects for Common Lisp
tkych/cl-spark (spark '(1 1 2 3 5 8)) => "▁▁▂▃▅▇"
tkych/donuts Graph Drawing DSL (or Graphviz Interface) for Common Lisp.
tkych/quicksearch Search Engine Interface for Common Lisp.
tmccombs/mexpr Macro for Common Lisp to allow infix syntax for mathematicall expressions.
tokenrove/imago image manipulation library for Common Lisp
tonyg/cl-match NOTE: SUPERSEDED BY OPTIMA, Bug fixes for Daniel S. Bensen's CL-MATCH common-lisp pattern matching library
tormaroe/modest-config A modest config file loader library for Common Lisp
tpapp/cl-num-utils Numerical utilities, the successor of cl-numlib
tpapp/cl-random Random variates for Common Lisp
tpapp/cl-rmath Common Lisp wrapper for libRmath.
tpapp/cl-slice Array slices for Common Lisp
tpapp/extended-reals Extended real numbers for Common Lisp
tpapp/ffa ABANDONWARE Foreign friendly arrays
tpapp/latex-table Pretty latex tables from Lisp matrices and vectors.
tpapp/lla Lisp Linear Algebra
traut/cl-portmanteau Common Lisp portmanteau library
triclops200/quickapp A common lisp project for generating template projects that use sbcl and buildapp
trivial-features/trivial-features Portable CL:*FEATURES*
trivial-garbage/trivial-garbage Portable GC-related APIs for Common Lisp.
trivial-gray-streams/trivial-gray-streams Portability library for CL gray streams.
troydm/myweb myweb - simple web server written in Common Lisp
trumae/cl-textmagic Common lisp implementation of TextMagic API to send SMS
tsikov/vcr Store and replay results of http calls for easier testing of external services.
t-sin/inquisitor Encoding/end-of-line detection and external-format abstraction for Common Lisp
tychoish/cl-grip Common Lisp pluggable logging system
ultralisp/quickdist Create a Quicklisp distribution from a directory of local projects.
ultralisp/ultralisp The software behind a Common Lisp repository
u-u-h/cl-password-store Password management for Common Lisp (web) applications
val314159/vfl A very fine lisp.
val314159/vflz very fine lisp z
varjagg/cl-ntp-client A Nework Time Protocol client written in Common Lisp
varjagg/cl-tulip-graph ANSI Common Lisp implementation of Tulip .tlp format graph generator
varjagg/cl-video Video file decoding in Common Lisp
veer66/cl-wordcut Word segmentation tools for ASEAN languages written in Common Lisp
VincentToups/parseltongue A monadic parser combinator library for Common Lisp.
VincentToups/persistent-tables Persistent, functional hash tables for Common Lisp.
VincentToups/random-access-lists SRFI-101 For Common Lisp: pure, random access lists.
VincentToups/shadchen shadchen is a common lisp pattern matching library.
vindarel/cl-ansi-term Colorized output on ANSI terminals and more
vindarel/cl-readline Common Lisp bindings to the GNU Readline library
vindarel/cl-sendgrid Send emails with SendGrid's API
vindarel/cl-str Modern, simple and consistent Common Lisp string manipulation library.
vindarel/cl-torrents Web scraping the Pirate Bay, 1337x and more in Common Lisp - tutorial and binaries (issue tracker on -
vindarel/cl-torrents-web self-contained, dynamic web app to search for torrents on popular trackers.
vindarel/format-colors (format t "~/blue/ :)" "Hello")
vindarel/fuzzy-match Fuzzy match candidates from an input string.
vindarel/print-licenses Print licenses used by the given project and its dependencies.
vindarel/replic Build a terminal application in no time from an existing library.
VitoVan/xml-emitter The official repository, taken over from Peter Scott.
volkers/vgplot Common lisp library interfacing to the gnuplot utility
vsedach/cl-moneris Common Lisp interface to the Moneris payment/credit card processing HTTPS POST API
vsedach/vas-string-metrics Jaro-Winkler and Levenshtein string distance algorithms for Common Lisp
vseloved/cl-redis Redis client for Common Lisp
vseloved/should-test A minimal yet feature-rich Common Lisp test framework
vydd/easing Easing functions
vydd/sketch A Common Lisp framework for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction, and more.
vy/meta-sexp A META parser generator using LL(1) grammars with s-expressions.
vy/patron A multi-consumer/multi-producer thread pooling library for Common Lisp.
WarrenWilkinson/persistent-variables A lisp library for easily persisting variables. Ideal for use in scripts where you don't want to hardcode the values, nor deal with configuration files.
WarrenWilkinson/read-csv read-csv is a lisp library for reading CSV (comma-separated value) files like the ones exported from Excel.
wemeetagain/path-string String pathname utilities
weslleymberg/cl-transducer A transducer lib for Common Lisp
williamyaoh/named-read-macros Make read macros more Lispy. Attach read macros to symbols.
williamyaoh/trivial-escapes C-style escape directives for Common Lisp.
windymelt/cl-punch Anonymous lambda literal in Common Lisp, respecting Scala
windymelt/cl-string-random port of string_random.js
windymelt/trivial-pis-dependency-aggregator A complementary function for package-inferred-system
wlbr/cl-marshal Simple and fast serialization of all kinds of Common Lisp data structures.
wmannis/cl-svg Produce Scalable Vector Graphics files with Common Lisp
wmannis/simple-rgb a Common Lisp library for manipulating colors in RGB format
woudshoo/cl-nxt Common Lisp library to communicate to the NXT Lego Mindstorm Brick over Bluetooth
woudshoo/rectangle-packing Simple rectangle packing code, useful for creating textures for OpenGL
wsgac/cl-moss Common Lisp submission mechanism for Stanford's MOSS similarity detection system
Wukix/LambdaLite A functional, relational database in about 250 lines of Common Lisp
Wukix/wu-sugar Defines "str" for string concatenation and provides a few other useful functions
xach/westbrook An RSS generator.
xach/zaws Amazon Web Service access from Common Lisp
y2q-actionman/cl-scsu An implementation of "Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode" by Common Lisp
y2q-actionman/jp-numeral Common Lisp の format で漢数字を出す / Print Japanese numerals from `format` of Common Lisp.
y2q-actionman/with-c-syntax C language syntax in Common Lisp
yitzchak/cl-indentify Automatic indentation for Common Lisp
yitzchak/common-lisp-jupyter A Common Lisp kernel for Jupyter along with a library for building Jupyter kernels.
yitzchak/cytoscape-clj Cytoscape widget for common-lisp-jupyter
yitzchak/kekule-clj Kekule widget for common-lisp-jupyter
yitzchak/shasht Common Lisp JSON reading and writing for the Kzin.
yitzchak/trivial-do Additional dolist style macros for Common Lisp
yitzchak/ziz An ad hoc Quicklisp distribution
z3t0/sprint-stars Display the stars of a GitHub User
zbq/cmake-parser A cmake script parser.
zkat/cl-openal Common Lisp bindings for the OpenAL audio library.
zkat/cl-speedy-queue Lightweight, optimized queue implementation for CL
zkat/sheeple Cheeky prototypes for Common Lisp
Zulu-Inuoe/cl-tiled Tiled map library for CL
Zulu-Inuoe/pjlink A Common Lisp library for interfacing with PJLink enabled devices
Zulu-Inuoe/trivial-cltl2 Portable CLtL2
zzkt/osc a common lisp implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol aka OSC