All projects of AccelerationNet

AccelerationNet/cl-mediawiki A Common Lisp wrapper around the MediaWiki api
AccelerationNet/clsql-helper A Common Lisp library to smooth some of CLSQLs rough edges
AccelerationNet/clsql-orm A common lisp object / relational mapping library, the goal of which, is to generate common lisp objects from a running database schema
AccelerationNet/collectors A Common lisp library providing collector macros
AccelerationNet/css-selectors A common lisp library that implements a css3 selector query language on CXML DOM documents and Nodes
AccelerationNet/data-table A Common Lisp data structure representing tabular data (think CSVs and database results)
AccelerationNet/function-cache A Common Lisp function caching / memoization library
AccelerationNet/generators A common-lisp library providing python style generators (using cl-cont)
AccelerationNet/group-by A Common Lisp library to help group data into trees (of various formats) based on common/shared values
AccelerationNet/lisp-unit2 A Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.
AccelerationNet/recursive-regex A Common Lisp library that allows CL-PPCRE regexes to call each other recursively and return a parse tree of matching groups
AccelerationNet/symbol-munger a common lisp library to help convert english and lisp-symbols into each other and various formats
AccelerationNet/talcl A common lisp library that implements the tal template language (a significant branch of arnesi/ucw tal)