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Ultralisp is a quicklisp distribution, which updates every 5 minutes.

How to add my own project?

Add projects from GitHub or other forges

How to use it?

Open your Lisp REPL and eval:

(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

Or if you are using Qlot, put this line into the beginning of your qlfile:

dist ultralisp

Or if you are using CLPM, put these lines into your local clpmfile:

(:source "ultralisp"
 :url ""
 :type :clpi)


  • Plug in a real database to store projects' metadata and other information.
  • Integration with the GitHub to add projects in one click.
  • Automatic distribution's ChangeLog generation.
  • Support for project sources other than GitHub.
  • Running tests for updated project and all dependent systems.
  • Add your feature request at the Github.

How to help

Any help is appreciated. You can:

Latest builds

Name Version Built-at
ultralisp 20231202211530 16 hours 30 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202211056 16 hours 10 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202205502 17 hours 21 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202202019 16 hours 59 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202200539 18 hours 11 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202200058 17 hours 49 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202193013 18 hours 33 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202192001 18 hours 58 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202132501 1 day 57 minutes ago
ultralisp 20231202111540 1 day 3 hours ago

Recently added projects

kisp/simple-csp-solver A simple CSP solver that uses backtracking on arbitrary lisp predicates.
ruricolist/lisp-magick-wand ImageMagick bindings (fork)
Shinmera/machine-state Retrieve machine state information about CPU time, memory usage, etc.
Junker/fcm Common Lisp Client for FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging
Junker/random-ua Random User-Agent generator for Common Lisp
Junker/ua-parser User Agent Parser for Common Lisp
Junker/gnotify Common Lisp system to send desktop notifications
Junker/gresolver DNS client (resolver) for Common Lisp
Junker/rssgen RSS 2.0 generator for Common Lisp
Junker/mobiledetect Common Lisp system for detecting mobile devices (including tablets) in User-Agent strings