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Ultralisp is a quicklisp distribution, which updates every 5 minutes.

How to add my own project?

Add projects from Github

How to use it?

Open your Lisp REPL and eval:

(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

Or if you are using Qlot, put these lines in your qlfile:

dist ultralisp
ql :all :latest
ultralisp :all :latest


  • Plug in a real database to store projects' metadata and other information.
  • Integration with the GitHub to add projects in one click.
  • Automatic distribution's ChangeLog generation.
  • Support for project sources other than GitHub.
  • Running tests for updated project and all dependent systems.
  • Add your feature request at the Github.

How to help

Any help is appreciated. You can:

Latest builds

Version Built-at
20191213065007 2019-12-13 06:50:07 UTC
20191213002006 2019-12-13 00:20:06 UTC
  • Project rigetti/qvm was updated

    997becf… -> 0dd2132…
20191213000504 2019-12-13 00:05:04 UTC
20191212003504 2019-12-12 00:35:04 UTC
  • Project rigetti/qvm was updated

    b82ca46… -> 997becf…
20191212002006 2019-12-12 00:20:06 UTC
20191211221508 2019-12-11 22:15:08 UTC
20191211183505 2019-12-11 18:35:05 UTC
20191211005005 2019-12-11 00:50:05 UTC
  • Project rigetti/quilc was updated

    38f6a10… -> f97fdce…
20191210130010 2019-12-10 13:00:10 UTC

And 5 more...

20191210040504 2019-12-10 04:05:04 UTC

Recently added projects

val314159/vflz very fine lisp z
windymelt/cl-string-random port of string_random.js
val314159/vfl A very fine lisp.
mfiano/pngload-fast A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed.
mfiano/stripe A client for the Stripe payment API
mfiano/patchwork A spritesheet packer for games.
mfiano/origin A native Lisp graphics math library with an emphasis on performance and correctness.
mfiano/dungen A procedural dungeon generator
HackerTheory/cl-gltf2 A loader for glTF2 (OpenGL Transmission Format) files.
HackerTheory/pngload A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed.