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Ultralisp is a quicklisp distribution, which updates every 5 minutes.

How to add my own project?

Add projects from Github

How to use it?

Open your Lisp REPL and eval:

(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)

Or if you are using Qlot, put this line into the beginning of your qlfile:

dist ultralisp

Or if you are using CLPM, put these lines into your clpmfile:

(:source "ultralisp"
 :url ""
 :type :clpi)


  • Plug in a real database to store projects' metadata and other information.
  • Integration with the GitHub to add projects in one click.
  • Automatic distribution's ChangeLog generation.
  • Support for project sources other than GitHub.
  • Running tests for updated project and all dependent systems.
  • Add your feature request at the Github.

How to help

Any help is appreciated. You can:

Latest builds

Name Version Built-at
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  • Project mnasoft/math was changed
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Recently added projects

shamazmazum/cl-optim A collection of mathematical optimization algorithms.
sheepduke/silver-brain A Concept Map software that extends your brain storage
sheepduke/clop Clop - Common Lisp tOml Parser
julian-baldwin/parachute-browser A lightweight UI for using the Parachute testing framework in LispWorks
shamazmazum/sbcl-single-float-tran IR1 transforms for single-float math functions
shamazmazum/sblcl-single-float-tran IR1 transforms for single-float math functions
shamazmazum/cl-forward-diff Automatic differentiation for Common Lisp (forward mode)
40ants/reblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/reblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/reblocks-lass A helper for Reblocks framework to define CSS dependencies in LASS syntax.