All projects of JMC-design

JMC-design/bluetooth-control Simple shell wrapper around bluetoothctl
JMC-design/ewmh CL implementation of Extended Window Manager Hints
JMC-design/font Generic protocols to deal with fonts and glyphs.
JMC-design/font-zpb-ttf Implementation of the font protocol for TTF via zpb-ttf.
JMC-design/iso-639 2 and 3 letter language codes
JMC-design/kiss-config KISS config parser
JMC-design/layout Simple tool to calculate application layouts
JMC-design/mplayer basic lisp wrapper for mplayer
JMC-design/net.hexapodia.font.pcf PCF font parser split from net.hexopedia.image
JMC-design/nsane Common Lisp implementation of the SANE network protocol
JMC-design/point Generic point protocol for 2d and 3d points.
JMC-design/point-3d-vectors Implementation of basics of point protocol for Shinmera's 3d-vectors.
JMC-design/point-origin Point protocol for mfiano's origin.
JMC-design/shuffle shuffling algorithms
JMC-design/surface Generic functions for surfaces
JMC-design/tesser Simple wrapper around tesseract cli