All projects of Shinmera

Shinmera/3d-matrices A utility library implementing 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and NxM matrix functionality.
Shinmera/3d-vectors A library for 2D, 3D, and 4D vectors in CL.
Shinmera/array-utils A tiny collection of utilities to work with arrays and vectors.
Shinmera/atomics Portability layer for atomic operations like compare-and-swap (CAS)
Shinmera/cari3s A generator for the i3 status bar.
Shinmera/chatter A chat client based on Twitter DMs.
Shinmera/chirp A twitter client library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/cl-all A script to evaluate lisp expressions in multiple implementations
Shinmera/classowary A Common Lisp implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving toolkit.
Shinmera/cl-gpio A library for the Linux GPIO kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi
Shinmera/clip A Common Lisp HTML templating engine.
Shinmera/cl-k8055 Interface to Velleman's K8055D USB kit
Shinmera/cl-spidev A library for the Linux SPIDEV kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi
Shinmera/clss CSS Like Simple Selectors. A Common Lisp DOM tree search engine based on CSS selectors.
Shinmera/cl-steamworks A bindings library for the Valve SteamWorks API.
Shinmera/colleen Common Lisp IRC bot with a modular framework.
Shinmera/colored A library for dealing with colours and colour spaces
Shinmera/com-on Utilities for dealing with COM-style interfaces, specifically under windows.
Shinmera/crypto-shortcuts Collection of common cryptography functions
Shinmera/deeds Deeds is an Extensible Event Delivery System
Shinmera/deferred A simple library allowing you to write code using deferred libraries.
Shinmera/definitions General definitions reflection library
Shinmera/deploy Deployment tools for standalone Common Lisp applications
Shinmera/dissect Common Lisp introspection library for the call stack and restarts
Shinmera/dns-client A pure-lisp DNS record client
Shinmera/documentation-utils A few simple tools to help you with documenting your library.
Shinmera/feeder RSS, Atom and general feed parsing and generating
Shinmera/file-select A library to invoke the native system file dialog to select or create files.
Shinmera/flare Easy particle systems with fine grained control.
Shinmera/float-features Portability library for IEEE float features that are not covered by the CL standard.
Shinmera/flow Tools for the representation of graphs and flowcharts
Shinmera/font-discovery Find and list system font files
Shinmera/for An extensible iteration macro library.
Shinmera/form-fiddle A collection of utilities to destructure lambda forms.
Shinmera/halftone A simple image viewer in Common Lisp.
Shinmera/humbler A Common Lisp Tumblr API interface
Shinmera/iclendar iCalendar/RFC5545 file format library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/inkwell A client API for the Nintendo Splatoon Splatnet
Shinmera/lambda-fiddle A collection of utilities to process lambda-lists.
Shinmera/language-codes A simple library mapping ISO language codes to language names.
Shinmera/LASS Lisp Augmented Style Sheets
Shinmera/legit CL interface to the GIT binary.
Shinmera/lquery A Common Lisp library to allow jQuery-like HTML/DOM manipulation.
Shinmera/luckless Lockless data structures for Common Lisp
Shinmera/machine-state Retrieve machine state information about CPU time, memory usage, etc.
Shinmera/markless-studio An editor for Markless documents
Shinmera/messagebox Display a native GUI message box
Shinmera/mmap Portable mmap (file memory mapping) utility library.
Shinmera/modularize A modularization framework for Common Lisp
Shinmera/modularize-hooks Generic hooks and triggers extension for modularize.
Shinmera/modularize-interfaces Programmatical interfaces extension for Modularize
Shinmera/multilang-documentation A drop-in replacement for cl:documentation with support for multiple languages.
Shinmera/multiposter Small application to post to multiple services simultaneously
Shinmera/north An oAuth 1.0a Server & Client, Successor of South
Shinmera/oxenfurt A Common Lisp client library for the Oxford dictionary API
Shinmera/pango-markup A small library to handle text markup in the Pango markup style.
Shinmera/parachute An extensible and cross-compatible testing framework.
Shinmera/pathname-utils A collection of utilities to help with pathname operations.
Shinmera/piping A Common Lisp library to enable simple message pipelines.
Shinmera/plump Practically Lenient and Unimpressive Markup Parser for Common Lisp
Shinmera/plump-bundle A fast binary storage format for Plump documents
Shinmera/plump-sexp Library to turn SEXPs into a Plump-DOM and back.
Shinmera/plump-tex Rudimentary parser turning TeX-like syntax into a Plump DOM.
Shinmera/punycode A punycode implementation in Common Lisp
Shinmera/qt-libs Helper system to ensure the necessary library for CommonQt/Qtools development are available and deployable.
Shinmera/qtools Qtools is a collection of utilities to aid development with CommonQt
Shinmera/qtools-ui Premade Qtools UI components
Shinmera/random-state A collection of portable random generators for Common Lisp
Shinmera/Ratify A collection of Common Lisp utilities to ratify, validate and parse inputs.
Shinmera/redirect-stream A level of indirection for streams, implemented as a gray-stream.
Shinmera/simple-inferiors A very simple common lisp library to use inferior processes.
Shinmera/simple-tasks A very simple task scheduling framework.
Shinmera/softdrink Common Lisp tools to inline or extract CSS into/from HTML.
Shinmera/south Simple OaUTH 1.0 library for Common Lisp
Shinmera/staple Common Lisp tool to generate documentation pages using an HTML template.
Shinmera/studio-client A common lisp client library for the Studio image gallery hosting software.
Shinmera/system-locale A library to retrieve the system's configured locale and language settings
Shinmera/tooter A Common Lisp client library for Mastodon instances.
Shinmera/trivial-arguments Tiny CL library to retrieve the arguments list of a function.
Shinmera/trivial-benchmark Tiny Common Lisp library to do some quick benchmark tests
Shinmera/trivial-extensible-sequences Portability library for the extensible sequences protocol
Shinmera/trivial-indent A very simple library to allow indentation hints for SWANK.
Shinmera/uax-14 An implementation of the Unicode Standard Annex #14 for standardised line breaking
Shinmera/uax-9 Implementation of the Unicode Standards Annex #9's bidirectional text algorithm
Shinmera/universal-config Common Lisp library to provide a universal configuration layer.
Shinmera/verbose A Common Lisp logging framework using the piping library.