All projects of blindglobe

blindglobe/xarray A generalized interface for array-like objects with views
blindglobe/listoflist functions and infrastructure for listoflist as an xarray-API array management structures. Goal is to be able to use a subset of xarray's API as appropriate for listoflist data.
blindglobe/lisp-matrix A matrix package for common lisp building on work by Mark Hoemmen, Evan Monroig, Tamas Papp and Rif.
blindglobe/fnv Foreign-Numeric-Vector, a common lisp package supporting the use of foreign-stored arrays in common lisp for numerical work.
blindglobe/common-lisp-stat Common Lisp Statistics -- based on LispStat (Tierney) but updated for Common Lisp and incorporating lessons from R ( See the google group for lisp stat / common lisp statistics for a mailing list.