All projects of bohonghuang

bohonghuang/cffi-object A Common Lisp library that enables fast and convenient interoperation with foreign objects.
bohonghuang/cffi-ops A Common Lisp library that helps write concise CFFI-related code.
bohonghuang/cl-cont-optimizer An optimizer designed for cl-cont to reduce the amount of code for CPS transformation, thereby improving performance and compilation speed.
bohonghuang/cl-gio GIO binding for Common Lisp.
bohonghuang/cl-glib GLib binding for Common Lisp.
bohonghuang/cl-gobject GObject binding for Common Lisp
bohonghuang/cl-gobject-introspection-wrapper Wrap and call GObject Introspection FFI function in LISP style.
bohonghuang/cl-gtk4 GTK4/libadwaita binding for Common Lisp.
bohonghuang/cliter A simple closure-based iterator library for Common Lisp.
bohonghuang/cl-universal-tween-engine Common Lisp port of the Universal Tween Engine
bohonghuang/promise-async-await Async/await support for Shinmera's promise library.
bohonghuang/trivial-segmentation-fault A Common Lisp library that provides a portable way to handle segmentation faults.