All projects of eugeneia

eugeneia/maxpc Max’s Parser Combinators: a simple and pragmatic library for writing parsers and lexers based on combinatory parsing.
eugeneia/mpc Monadic parser combinators library. It provides a toolbox of predefined parsers, facilities for error handling and parses arrays, streams and lists.
eugeneia/purl Provides a parser and defines a type for URLs as specified in RFC1738.
eugeneia/macro-html macro-html is a HTML generation library. It aims to be fast, modular, cachable and concise.
eugeneia/file-types Simple scheme to classify file types in a hierarchical fashion. Includes support for associating and querying MIME types.
eugeneia/texp TEXP is a domain specific language for producing TeX documents with Common Lisp.
eugeneia/trivial-documentation Scrape on-line documentation out of a running Lisp image
eugeneia/cl-rfc2047 Implementation of RFC 2047.
eugeneia/cl-qprint Implementation of the quoted-printable encoding.