All projects of gigamonkey

gigamonkey/manifest System for semi-automatically documenting Common Lisp packages.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-binary-data Binary data library based on code from chapter 24 of Practical Common Lisp
gigamonkey/monkeylib-html HTML generation on top of monkeylib-text-languages.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-json Json input and output code.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-macro-utilities A few utilities for writing macros.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-markup Markup text markup language.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-markup-html Generate HTML from Monkeylib Markup
gigamonkey/monkeylib-parser Parser generator loosely based on Baker's META paper.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-pathnames My pathname functions. The basis for cl-fad.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-prose-diff Diff program optimized for comparing text files containing prose.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-test-framework Test framework based on code in PCL
gigamonkey/monkeylib-text-languages Framework for building languages that can be output using monkeylib-text-output.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-text-output Framework for generating simply formatted text output.
gigamonkey/monkeylib-utilities Various CL utilities that I use all the time.
gigamonkey/toot A web server created by stripping down and reorganizing Edi Weitz's Hunchentoot