All projects of guicho271828

guicho271828/ArriVAL Yet Another Classical planning plan validator written in modern Common Lisp
guicho271828/bit-ops Tools for writing optimized bit-vector routines
guicho271828/cl-prolog2 Common Interface to ISO Prolog implementations from Common Lisp
guicho271828/cl-rlimit Common lisp interface to unix rlimit -- ensure the performance of your program!
guicho271828/cl-rrt Common Lisp implementation of RRT (Rapidily exploring Random Tree), a fast probabilistic multidimentional path-plannning algorithm.
guicho271828/cl-sat Common Interface to Boolean Satisfiability Solvers from Common Lisp
guicho271828/cl-sat.glucose CL-SAT instance to Glucose state-of-the-art SAT solver. This downloads the later 2014 version (2nd in the 2014 SAT competition).
guicho271828/cl-sat.minisat CL-SAT binding to MINISAT2 @
guicho271828/cl-smt Common Interface to SMT (Satisfiable Module Theories) solvers from Common Lisp
guicho271828/eazy-gnuplot Super Duper Doopa Booka Lispy Gnuplot library
guicho271828/eazy-opencl OpenCL binding for Common Lisp
guicho271828/eazy-process Yet Another Portable Library for Process Handling / Subshell Invokation
guicho271828/eazy-project Boost your development!
guicho271828/file-local-variable File-local variable independent from ASDF
guicho271828/immutable-struct Simple library that encourage the use of functional programming + pattern matching.
guicho271828/inlined-generic-function Bringing the speed of Static Dispatch to CLOS
guicho271828/inner-conditional Series of macros which optimizes the inner conditional jumps of looping, iterating, anything
guicho271828/lisp-namespace no more discussion on lisp-1 vs lisp-2. THIS IS LISP-N.
guicho271828/trivia Pattern Matcher Compatible with Optima
guicho271828/trivia.balland2006 Optimizer for Trivia, faster than Optima, based on (Balland et al. 2006).