All projects of informatimago

informatimago/abnotation Clone of
informatimago/cljail Common Lisp running in a chroot jail.
informatimago/commands The commands implemented in Common Lisp that were in have been moved here and are compiled into a common image.
informatimago/demo-cgi-lisp A little demonstration CGI written in Common Lisp (clisp).
informatimago/emacs Clone of Pascal Bourguignon's personal emacs library. Description at
informatimago/gsharp Clone of Fork of gshap.
informatimago/hangman-cocoa-lisp Hangman game, implemented in Common Lisp on Cocoa.
informatimago/hw Hello World, in various programming languages.
informatimago/ipcode Support code and example code for initiation to programming with common lisp.
informatimago/l30 Exercises from implemented in Common Lisp.
informatimago/l99 Informatimago's Solutions to the L-99, Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems
informatimago/lisp Clone of Informatimago Common Lisp Library Documentation at
informatimago/lisp-1-5 Clone of Informatimago's Machine Readable Transcription of the LISP 1.5 (1962) Sources
informatimago/lisp-vs-c A little comparison of a lisp program vs. a C program.
informatimago/ls-lR Implements a ls -lR command for a ftp-like program.
informatimago/mclgui Mirror of: A re-implementation of the MCL GUI library. This is now in a separate repository from Patchwork, since it can be used for other applications.
informatimago/midi Fork of the midi library used by gsharp, for abnotation and patchwork.
informatimago/midishare Clone of A fork of midishare for patchwork (check the patchwork branch). Original:
informatimago/midi-transform Clone of: Little CoreMIDI macOS CLI program to convert MIDI CC into SysEx to control a Korg DW-8000 synthesizer from an Alesis VI61 controller.
informatimago/nasium-lse Clone of Implementation of the old French programming language Langage Symbolique d'Enseignement, LSE.
informatimago/patchwork Clone of IRCAM Patchwork, being ported from MacOS MCL to MacOSX CCL.
informatimago/programming-praxis Solutions in Common Lisp to some Programming Praxis exercises.
informatimago/schmidt Clone of
informatimago/scquery IAS-ECC Smartcard Authentication Certificate ID and UPN extractor.