All projects of mfiano

mfiano/gamebox-sprite-packer A spritesheet packer for games.
mfiano/shorty Store data in a URL
mfiano/flac-parser A parser for FLAC audio file metadata.
mfiano/gamebox-ecs An implementation of the Entity-Component System (ECS) pattern, popular with game development.
mfiano/simple-logger A simple message logging system.
mfiano/gamebox-frame-manager A manager for frames within a game loop.
mfiano/genie A simple wrapper to generate portably seedable pseudo-random numbers.
mfiano/gamebox-dgen A procedural dungeon generation library.
mfiano/doubly-linked-list An implementation of the doubly linked list data structure.
mfiano/gamebox-math A high performance math library useful for making games.
mfiano/parsley A toolset for parsing binary data formats.
mfiano/golden-utils A collection of personal utilities that have been found useful.
mfiano/shadow A lightweight system to help with defining and managing OpenGL shader programs.
mfiano/flac-metadata A utility for reading metadata embedded in FLAC audio files.