All projects of pcostanza

pcostanza/closer-mop Closer to MOP is a compatibility layer that rectifies many of the absent or incorrect CLOS MOP features across a broad range of Common Lisp implementations.
pcostanza/contextl ContextL is a CLOS extension for Context-oriented Programming (COP), and was the first language extension that explicitly supports COP when it was originally introduced in 2005.
pcostanza/filtered-functions Filtered functions provide an extension of CLOS generic function invocation that add a simple preprocessing step before the actual method dispatch is performed and thus enable the use of arbitrary predicates for selecting and applying methods.
pcostanza/lw-compat A few utility functions from the LispWorks library that I regularly use, ported to other Common Lisp implementations.
pcostanza/mop-features This package provides a way to check what CLOS MOP features a Common Lisp implementation supports.