All projects of ruricolist

ruricolist/cl-murmurhash The 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp.
ruricolist/cl-strftime Common Lisp compiler for the strftime language
ruricolist/cl-yesql Common Lisp library for using SQL
ruricolist/floating-point-contractions Numerically stable contractions (expm1 and friends).
ruricolist/FXML Fork of CXML
ruricolist/horner Inline polynomial evaluation using Horner's rule
ruricolist/infix-math An extensible infix syntax for math in Common Lisp.
ruricolist/media-types Query and compare media types
ruricolist/moira Monitor and restart background threads.
ruricolist/overlord Experimental build system for Common Lisp
ruricolist/random-sample Take a random sample from a sequence
ruricolist/serapeum Utilities beyond Alexandria
ruricolist/spinneret Common Lisp HTML5 generator
ruricolist/trivial-file-size Stat a file's size in Common Lisp.
ruricolist/vernacular Module system for languages embedded in Common Lisp