All projects of scymtym

scymtym/configuration.options Extensible, schema-based configuration system
scymtym/esrap Common Lisp packrat parser
scymtym/jenkins UNFINISHED Common Lisp bindings for Jenkins' REST API
scymtym/more-conditions Some general condition classes and signalling helpers
scymtym/parser.common-rules Esrap rules (and rule-generating macros) for common parsing tasks: whitespace, comments, literals, operators
scymtym/parser.ini Parser for ini-like configuration options
scymtym/utilities.binary-dump Functions for printing binary data (subset of the od(1) UNIX tool)
scymtym/utilities.print-items Composable printing of objects.
scymtym/utilities.print-tree Simple facilities for printing tree structures in an easy to read way.
scymtym/xml.location Bind XPath-based locations to variables with extensible type-based to/from XML conversion