All projects of sharplispers

sharplispers/chipz A Common Lisp library for decompressing deflate, zlib, gzip, and bzip2 data
sharplispers/clawk CLAWK is an AWK implementation embedded into Common Lisp, by Michael Parker. This version contains some patches to make it compile again.
sharplispers/closure-common closure-common is an internal helper library for the closure web browser
sharplispers/clx a fork of crhodes' fork of danb's fork of the CLX library, an X11 client for Common Lisp
sharplispers/conium A portability library for debugger- and compiler-related tasks in Common Lisp.
sharplispers/csv-parser Some hacks on top of Alain Picard's CSV parser
sharplispers/cxml Closure XML - A Common Lisp XML Parser
sharplispers/cxml-stp Fork of David Lichteblau's cxml-stp library
sharplispers/diff A Common Lisp library for computing differences between files
sharplispers/ironclad A cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp
sharplispers/let-plus destructuring extension of let*
sharplispers/linedit Readline-style line-editor for Common Lisp.
sharplispers/log4cl Common Lisp logging framework, modeled after Log4J
sharplispers/log5 A Common Lisp logging framework organized around five things: categories, outputs, senders, messages and contexts
sharplispers/lparallel Parallelism for Common Lisp
sharplispers/montezuma Full-text indexing and search for Common Lisp
sharplispers/nibbles A Common Lisp library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data
sharplispers/parse-number PARSE-NUMBER is a library of functions for parsing strings into one of the standard Common Lisp number types without using the reader.
sharplispers/prepl prepl is a REPL implementation, also known as a Lisp listener
sharplispers/split-sequence SPLIT-SEQUENCE is a member of the Common Lisp Utilities family of programs, designed by community consensus.
sharplispers/xpath Common Lisp Implementation of the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0
sharplispers/yaclml Yet Another Common Lisp Markup Language, originally by Edward Marco Baringer
sharplispers/zlib Matthieu Villeneuve's zlib