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tomgstevensphd/CognitiveSystemsModel CogSys is an in-progress experimental model of human cognitive functioning. One practical part is an modified implementation of George Kelly's Role RepTest questionnaire for identifiying important cognitive categories as part of my CSQ-Cognitive Systems Questionnaire.
tomgstevensphd/LISP-UTILITIES LISP Utilities (Lispworks) Several hundred CL LISP utilities. U-lists, U-tstring, U-files, etc especially useful. U-lists has many functions for doing searching or modifying large NESTED-LISTS and TREES of almost any depth.
tomgstevensphd/SHAQ SHAQ-Success and Happiness Attributes Questionnaire. Research validated online questionnaire. High correlations with life happiness, low depression anxiety, and success in career, education, relationhips, health, etc. Scales related to values, beliefs, life skills. SHAQ is one of most comprehensive personality tests ever written. Written in Lispworks. Its runtime version (too big for GIT) can be made with LW application builder with this code.
tomgstevensphd/TomS-PhotoViewer A Windows app for viewing photos and info-including a variety of random viewing choices (written in LispWorks Lisp).