All projects of veer66

veer66/cl-apertium-stream Apertium stream parser written in Common Lisp
veer66/cl-apertium-stream-parser Apertium stream parser written in Common Lisp
veer66/cl-prefix-tree A hash-based prefix tree library written in Common Lisp
veer66/cl-wordcut Word segmentation tools for ASEAN languages written in Common Lisp
veer66/nd-sexp newline delimited s-expressions
veer66/stream-par-procs Stream parallel processors for Common Lisp
veer66/utf16-compat UTF-16 compatible functions
veer66/utf8-input-stream A UTF-8 string input stream over a binary stream for Common Lisp
veer66/wangwa A collection of Common Lisp helper functions
veer66/zstd-text A macro for reading/writing UTF-8 text for Zstd stream