All projects of cbaggers

cbaggers/cl-soil Common lisp wrapper around the SOIL library (
cbaggers/dendrite Master package to load all dendrite packages
cbaggers/dirt A front-end for cl-soil which loads images straight to cepl:c-arrays and cepl:textures
cbaggers/disposable common code for CL disposable
cbaggers/draw-cons-tree Draws and ascii picture of a cons tree
cbaggers/fn A couple of lambda shorthand macros
cbaggers/glsl-spec The GLSL spec as a datastructure
cbaggers/grovel-locally Grovel using cffi and cache the result locally to the system
cbaggers/livesupport Some helpers that may make livecoding with slime/sly a little easier
cbaggers/mk-string-metrics Calculate various string metrics efficiently in Common Lisp (Damerau-Levenshtein, Hamming, Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, Levenshtein, etc.)
cbaggers/nineveh Library of common helpful gpu functions
cbaggers/rtg-math common lisp library providing common math functions used in games
cbaggers/sdl2-game-controller-db Provides gamepad bindings for cl-sdl2
cbaggers/skitter A small event system for games
cbaggers/structy-defclass Make classes like structs
cbaggers/ Some helpers for swank in the area of live coding
cbaggers/temporal-functions Rewrite of the temporal function code from cepl.
cbaggers/trivial-macroexpand-all macroexpand-all function that calls each implementation's equivalent
cbaggers/varjo Lisp to GLSL Language Translator
cbaggers/with-cached-reader-conditionals Call a function can return the result and also any features expressions that were read inside the funcall
cbaggers/with-setf Macros for setting a place for the duration of a scope