All projects of mmontone

mmontone/burgled-batteries.syntax Embedded Python syntax for burgled-batteries
mmontone/cl4store 4store Common Lisp HTTP bindings
mmontone/clavier :heavy_check_mark: General purpose validation library for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-forms Web forms handling library for Common lisp
mmontone/cl-graylog Common Lisp Graylog client library
mmontone/cl-peppol PEPPOL invoicing code lists for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-rest-server Serve REST APIs from Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-sentry-client Sentry client for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-sparql SPARQL query builder for Common Lisp
mmontone/cl-xul Mozilla XUL bindings for Common Lisp
mmontone/descriptions Meta level descriptions library for Common Lisp
mmontone/djula Common Lisp port of the Django templating language
mmontone/docstring-parser A Common Lisp docstring parser
mmontone/duologue High level user interaction library for Common Lisp
mmontone/easy-routes Yet another routes handling utility on top of Hunchentoot
mmontone/erudite :green_book: Literate Programming System for Common Lisp
mmontone/fmt Extensible text formatting facility for Common Lisp
mmontone/generic-serializer Common api for serializing data to different formats (JSON, XML, etc)
mmontone/hunchentoot-errors Augments Hunchentoot error pages and logs with request and session information.
mmontone/schemata Schema serialization, validation and parsing for Common Lisp
mmontone/simple-doc Simple documentation generator for Common Lisp
mmontone/sxql-composer Build and compose SXQL queries dynamically
mmontone/ten Yet another template system for Common Lisp