All projects of 40ants

40ants/40ants-asdf-system Provides a class for being used instead of asdf:package-inferred-system in 40ANT systems
40ants/40ants-critic A wrapper around LISP-CRITIC which provides a better interface to analyze ASDF systems and a command-line interface.
40ants/40ants-deploy Utilities making it easier to use Deploy library.
40ants/40ants-doc-theme-40ants A custom theme for 40ANTS-DOC documentation builder.
40ants/40ants-openrpc A set of helpers to start JSON-RPC server based on library.
40ants/40ants-pg Utilities to simplify use of Postgresql in my Common Lisp projects
40ants/barista A framework to write OSX menu bar plugins in Common Lisp.
40ants/ceramic Attention! This is a fork.
40ants/ci Highly opionated Github Actions workflow builder for Common Lisp projects.
40ants/clack-cors A Clack middleware to set CORS related HTTP headers.
40ants/clack-prometheus Clack middleware to serve stats in Prometheus format.
40ants/cl-anafanafo Calculates text width as if it be rendered by a web browser.
40ants/cl-bitbar Utils to build BitBar plugins in CommonLisp
40ants/cl-brewer Brew formula generator for common lisp projects
40ants/cldomain Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems.
40ants/cl-flamegraph A wrapper around SBCL's statistical profiler, to generate FlameGraph charts for Common Lisp programs
40ants/cl-github A thin wrapper around GitHub API. Supports rate limiting and pagination.
40ants/cl-hamcrest This library makes your CL unittests more readable.
40ants/cl-info An utility which collects information about Common Lisp implementation and systems for bugreports
40ants/cl-link-header A library to parse content of the Link header
40ants/cl-plus-ssl-osx-fix A fix for CL+SSL library paths on OSX needed when you have Intel and Arm64 Homebrew installations. Should be loaded before CL+SSL.
40ants/cl-prevalence In memory database system for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-prevalence-multimaster This system contains an addon which allows to syncronize multiple cl-prevalence systems state.
40ants/cl-project-with-docs Common Lisp project skeleton generator which uses Sphinx and reStructured text to render nice and readable HTML documentation.
40ants/cl-telegram-bot Telegram Bot API for Common Lisp
40ants/cl-yandex-metrika A client library for
40ants/commondoc-markdown Converts Markdown text into CommonDoc nodes and vice versa.
40ants/defmain A helper to simplify command line arguments usage in Common Lisp
40ants/doc MGL-PAX fork, refactored into multiple files and backward incompatible.
40ants/docs-builder A generic documentation builder for Common Lisp projects.
40ants/gen-deps-system A command line utility to generate ASDF system to improve caching of Common Lisp application packaged into the Docker container.
40ants/genetic-algorithm A generic implementation of Genetic Algorithm.
40ants/gh-pages A universal tool for updating GitHub Pages for different CI systems.
40ants/html2text A Common Lisp utility which converts HTML into Markdown text
40ants/humanize-duration A better date duration representation for Common Lisp programs
40ants/lem-pareto A LEM mode to make Lisp code editing more efficient!
40ants/lem-solarized Solarized color theme for the Lem editor
40ants/lem-theme The base for CLOS based themes for Lem editor!
40ants/linter A wrapper around SBLINT, which uses defmain for command line parsing
40ants/log4cl Common Lisp logging framework, modeled after Log4J
40ants/log4cl-extras A few addons for log4cl Common Lisp logging library.
40ants/log4cl-json JSON appender for log4cl.
40ants/log4sly This package adds a C-c C-g shortcut which allows to setup log4cl's log levels from Emacs.
40ants/logging Functions to configure log4cl for different contexts: REPL, Backend, Command Line Application.
40ants/lw-vim-mode Vim Mode for the LispWorks editor.
40ants/mailgun A thin wrapper to post HTML emails through
40ants/mito-email-auth Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email.
40ants/openrpc OpenRPC implementation for Common Lisp
40ants/portable-ca-bundle A macro to restore Dexador's CA bundle when running LISP binary on a different machine
40ants/progressor A tool to track multiple progress bars on distributed machines.
40ants/project-templates A bunch of Mystic templates to create CL library, web-project, API microservice and CLI command.
40ants/prometheus-gc Extension for which collects metrics about garbage collector state.
40ants/reblocks A fork of Weblocks Common Lisp web framework
40ants/reblocks-auth A system to add authentication to the Reblocks based site.
40ants/reblocks-file-server A file browser for Reblocks Common Lisp web framework.
40ants/reblocks-lass A helper for Reblocks framework to define CSS dependencies in LASS syntax.
40ants/reblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/reblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/reblocks-prometheus Addon for monitoring Reblocks web applications
40ants/reblocks-typeahead A Typeahead widget for Reblocks Common Lisp framework.
40ants/reblocks-ui A set of widget for Reblocks framework, to simplify UI elements creation. Based on Zurb's Foundation and jQuery.
40ants/reblocks-ui2 Second version of UI toolkit for Reblocks – Common Lisp web-framework
40ants/reblocks-websocket Websocket support for Reblocks framework
40ants/recompile This is a small helper to recompile given Common Lisp system, very useful if you wish to produce high quality software by demolution of all compiler's warnings.
40ants/resend A Common Lisp client library for sending emails via
40ants/slynk Utilities to start SLYNK if needed and to track active connections.
40ants/sly-package-inferred A better package inferred systems support for SLY
40ants/teddy A data framework for Common Lisp
40ants/trivial-imap This is a thin wrapper over post-office library (which is a fork of Franz's cl-imap)
40ants/weblocks This fork was created to experiment with some refactorings. They are collected in branch "reblocks".
40ants/weblocks-auth A system to add an authentication to the Weblocks based site.
40ants/weblocks-file-server A file browser for Weblocks web framework.
40ants/weblocks-lass A helper for Weblocks framework to define widget dependencies in LASS syntax.
40ants/weblocks-navigation-widget A widget which changes it's children when user goes to another URL
40ants/weblocks-parenscript An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.
40ants/weblocks-stores This fork is fixed to work with 40ants/weblocks
40ants/weblocks-ui A set of widget for Weblocks framework, to simplify UI elements creation. Based on Zurb's Foundation and jQuery.
40ants/weblocks-websocket Websocket support for Common Lisp framework weblocks.