All projects of g000001

g000001/srfi-78 SRFI 78 for CL: Lightweight testing
g000001/srfi-2 AND-LET*
g000001/srfi-5 SRFI-5 for CL: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
g000001/srfi-71 SRFI 71 for CL: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values
g000001/srfi-14 SRFI 14 for CL: Character-set Library
g000001/srfi-95 SRFI 95 for CL: Sorting and Merging
g000001/lw-emacs-keybinds GNU Emacs keybinds for LispWorks Editor
g000001/srfi-9 SRFI 9 for CL: Defining Record Types
g000001/srfi-60 SRFI 60 for CL: Integers as Bits
g000001/srfi-169 SRFI 169 for CL: Underscores in numbers
g000001/srfi-54 SRFI 54 for CL: Formatting
g000001/srfi-49 SRFI 49 for CL: Indentation-sensitive syntax
g000001/srfi-61 SRFI 61 for CL: A more general cond clause
g000001/srfi-30 SRFI 30 for CL: Nested Multi-line Comments
g000001/srfi-13 SRFI 13 for CL: String Libraries
g000001/spice-flavors Spice Lisp Flavors
g000001/srfi-55 SRFI 55 for CL: require-extension
g000001/srfi-31 SRFI 31 CL: A special form `rec' for recursive evaluation
g000001/srfi-19 SRFI 19 for CL: Time Data Types and Procedures
g000001/srfi-11 SRFI 11 for CL: Syntax for receiving multiple values
g000001/srfi-16 SRFI-16 for CL: Syntax for procedures of variable arity.
g000001/srfi-34 SRFI 34 for CL: Exception Handling for Programs
g000001/srfi-88 SRFI 88 for CL: Keyword objects
g000001/srfi-46 SRFI 46 for Common Lisp: Basic Syntax-rules Extensions
g000001/lisp-critic The Lisp Critic scans your code for instances of bad Lisp programming practice.
g000001/srfi-39 SRFI 39 for CL: Parameter objects
g000001/srfi-97 SRFI 97 for CL: SRFI Libraries
g000001/srfi-42 SRFI 42 for Common Lisp: Eager Comprehensions
g000001/srfi-87 SRFI 87 for CL: => in case clauses
g000001/srfi-62 SRFI 62 for CL: S-expression comments
g000001/srfi-28 SRFI 28 for CL: Basic Format Strings
g000001/srfi-1 SRFI-1: List Library
g000001/srfi-10 SRFI-10 for CL: #, external form
g000001/mbe Scheme Macros for Common Lisp
g000001/arc-compat Arc compatible package
g000001/srfi-4 SRFI-4 for CL: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
g000001/srfi-6 SRFI-6 for CL: Basic String Ports
g000001/srfi-8 SRFI-8 for CL: receive: Binding to multiple values
g000001/srfi-23 SRFI 23: Error reporting mechanism
g000001/srfi-0 SRFI 0 for CL: Feature-based conditional expansion construct
g000001/srfi-175 SRFI 175 for CL: ASCII character library